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Writer Reveals Heartbreaking Story About Third Man In Famous 1968 Olympics Photo

“If we were getting beat up, Peter was fighting an entire country and suffering alone.”

People already know about the story of Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics. However, one writer decided to share the truth about the third man who stood with the athletes during the political demonstration.

Smith and Carlos became famous for their Black Power salute during the Olympic games in Mexico City. The athletes dared to stand up for equal rights when they were given their medals. Interestingly, the man who stood with Smith and Carlos also did the same, but in his own heartbreaking way.

Norman fought inequality in Australia and became an outsider in his own country.

Khaya Dlanga is a writer who wants everyone to know about Peter Norman, the Australian silver medalist who stood with Smith and Carlos. Norman himself fought for equality in his own country. Unfortunately, it led to Norman being treated as an outcast in Australia.

Norman didn’t raise his fist along with Smith and Carlos. However, he is credited for giving them the pair of black gloves they wore during the demonstration. In addition to that, Norman wore a badge of the Olympic Project for Human Rights.

His fellow athletes knew about Norman’s own fight. “If we were getting beat up, Peter was fighting an entire country and suffering alone,” Carlos had said.

Dlanga shared Norman’s story so people would learn more about his fight for equality.

The writer revealed that Norman was never invited back to the Olympics. He was asked to join the organizing committee for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games if he condemned Smith and Carlos. Norman refused to do so.

Norman continued to support Smith and Carlos until the end. When a statue of the athletes was commissioned by the San Jose State University, he requested that his place is left empty. This way, other people can stand with Smith and Carlos.

Norman’s story is truly heartbreaking. You can read more about the unsung hero below.

Learn more about Norman’s story below:

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Little Boy Buys Roses To Cheer Up Senior Citizens At Nursing Home

He wears a police officer uniform and buys the flowers with his own allowance!

Sometimes children can surprise us with their kindness. A little boy decided to spread joy in a nursing home. He bought several roses, attached adorable notes to the flowers, then gave them out to the senior citizens.

Oliver Davis of Overland Park, Kansas is only five years old but he already knows what he wants to be when he grows up. “I want to be a policeman and give out flowers to old people,” he declared. His loving mother Brandi Davis got Oliver a police officer costume as well as a mini electric police motorcycle. Since then, the little boy has been fulfilling his duties and giving the elderly something to smile about.

Is there anything cuter than a little boy dressed as a police officer?


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Heartbreaking Moment Birthday Boy Invited 32 Classmates To His Party and No One Came

Fortunately, things eventually took a good, interesting twist!

Young Teddy Mazzini was excited for his upcoming birthday. In fact, he gave invitations to 32 of his classmates. The party was going to be held at a pizza store but unfortunately, none of his friends came over when the day finally came.

Sil Mazzini, his mother, took a photo of the sad occasion and took it upon herself to upload it on Facebook. In the said image, the boy can be seen sitting alone in the table and his facial expression says a lot. The picture eventually went viral on social media.

In an interview with KSAZ Fox 10 News, Sil said she made 32 goodie bags for the event. Aside from the invitation cards that Teddy distributed, she also took time to remind the kids’ parents – who confirmed that the children would attend....

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Bride Plays Along When Little Girl With Autism Mistakes Her For Cinderella

“Have fun at the ball!”

A so-called Cinderella has gone viral after she turned out to be a bit of a fairy godmother, granting a big wish to a little girl. Five-year-old Layla Lester has autism and is a huge Disney princess fan. Her mom says Layla saw Olivia Spark taking her wedding photos in a park and she thought the bride was Cinderella.

Wedding and wildlife photographer Nicole Wickins saw the moment unfolding and started snapping pictures. The sweet moment quickly made its way around the internet ever since.


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