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World’s First Flying Car Will Be Available In The US By October

The future is finally here.

Have you ever dreamt of driving a car that can take to the skies? This little dream could soon become a reality as the world’s first flying car rolls out in October.

The Transition is truly an awesome invention. It is a two-seat hybrid-electric vehicle that can switch between driving and flying modes in less than a minute. It can reportedly fly up to 400 miles at an astonishing top speed of 100mph. The flying car is manufactured by Terrafugia, a company that belongs to Volvo.

Are you ready for the Transition?

Terrafugia has actually been working on the Transition for several years. Not surprisingly, the upgraded version of the vehicle that will be sold this year is truly a sight to behold.

The new version of the Transition boasts of a hybrid-electric motor. In addition to that, the manufacturer guarantees upgraded seats, more luggage storage, improved seat belts, and the always trusty airbags.

Wondering what could make your flying experience more enjoyable? The vehicle’s awesome upgrades include rear-view cameras as well as a new parachute system. Speed freaks will appreciate the car’s “boost” mode since it provides “a brief burst of extra power while flying.”

This amazing car has its own landing gear and can fly up to a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet.

The Transition is designed to carry only two passengers. However, if you’re planning to bring more of your friends for the ride, Terrafugia has another option. The TF-X is the four-person follow-up that will be computer-controlled. This means you can type in your destination before the vehicle takes off.

We’ll have to wait for the manufacturer to announce when the TF-X will be available. In the meantime, the Transition will be available for pre-order starting October. Just be advised that the cars themselves will be delivered in 2019. This should give you enough time to get the required pilot’s license to drive the car.

So what’s the price tag on the world’s first flying car? The selling price has not yet been disclosed. Nevertheless, we could only assume it will probably cost as much as a small plane.

Learn more about the Transition below:

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British Engineer Builds World’s Largest Rideable Hexapod Robot Inspired by Star Wars

A big Star Wars fan since childhood, Matt Denton is now a Guinness World Record holder!

Growing up as a kid, Matt Denton has always been a Star Wars fan – and he’s particularly fascinated with the AT-ATs. Since their introduction in The Empire Strikes Back, the massive walking machine has become one of the most iconic vehicles featured in the beloved sci-fi franchise.

Now an engineer by profession, Matt has managed to score a Guinness record after building the world’s largest rideable hexapod robot – a creation that’s been largely based on the Star Wars walkers.


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Feminists Are Upset That Apple’s New iPhones Are ‘Too Big’ For Women’s Hands

Apple has got some explaining to do.

Apple launches its three new iPhones but also revealed that they will no longer continue the iPhone SE, which is known for its smaller screen. This upgrade in size has seen Apple criticized by feminist activists who claim that the new model is too big for women.

They argue that women have smaller hands and the new phones would not be as comfortable for them compared to the iPhone SE, which is now being discontinued. Female rights and equality activist Caroline Criado Perez decided to share her concerns regarding the matter on Twitter.


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Disney World Is Building Disney Skyliner, An Enchanting Way To Get Around Parks

A whole new “ride” is what Disney World is bringing us.


Imagine traveling the Disney World in a gondola lift system that gives you a spectacular view of the castles with Mickey Mouse beside you. If you've thought about it, this will soon become reality in late fall 2019.

Disney World is constructing a new form of transportation to help visitors get around the parks. The theme park has kept mum on when it will be opened, but as reported by Insider, the completion may coincide with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge late next year.

The new transportation system will be called the Disney Skyliner.


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