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Woman Shares Valuable Lesson She Learned From Her Mother: ‘It’s OK To Leave’

“Just in case no one ever told you (or you need a reminder): YOU ARE ALLOWED TO LEAVE.”

Most of us have dealt with uncomfortable situations on a regular basis. However, one woman wants you to know that you are allowed to leave at any time. It’s a valuable lesson that she actually learned from her own mother.

Erynn Brook decided to share her story on Twitter. The young woman revealed that she had dealt with an uncomfortable situation when she was younger. Not surprisingly, her mother’s insistence on making her comfortable has helped her throughout her life.

This young woman had an interesting lesson to share.

Brook’s story starts with an invite to a sleepover when she was only seven years old. Although the party started out well, Brook began to feel uncomfortable when the other girls started bullying her.

As a little girl, she was told by her mother that she can ask to leave at any time. Amazingly, Brook’s mom fulfilled her promise by picking her up when the girl called her. From there, Brook understood that she doesn’t need to stay if she is feeling awkward.

Although it started during her childhood, Brook kept believing her mother as she grew. At one point, her mom told her she can leave her job if she was no longer comfortable.

Brook would regularly call her mother, who always told her it’s OK to leave.

It’s a truly empowering lesson that had people surprised by how easy it is to leave an uncomfortable situation. Needless to say, Brook’s post went viral as netizens how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin.

“So, just in case no one ever told you (or you need a reminder): YOU ARE ALLOWED TO LEAVE,” Brook wrote. “You can leave a date, a party, a job, a meeting, a commitment. You are allowed. If you’re worried about keeping your word remember that your boundaries are also your word, your integrity.”

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