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4 Shocking Things That Can Happen When You Always Hold In Your Pee

Never miss the chance to go on a bathroom break ever again!

Most people think that holding in your pee is not a big deal. We tend to do this when watching a gripping movie or when we’re too engrossed with work. However, avoiding bathroom breaks is one of the things that could be dangerous to your health.

Holding it in all day could have varying results on your body. The bladder tends to stretch when beyond its normal size when you don’t relieve yourself regularly. One study even reveals that nurses who held it in all day have bladders that can carry almost twice than normal bladders. Although the nurses haven’t reported any illnesses, they could still be at risk of major problems.

Here are 4 things that could happen if you continue to hold in your pee:

1. Your external sphincter muscles might weaken

These muscles are the ones that clench up when you’re trying to prevent a leakage. It would take several years of holding it in for this to happen but it could lead to the second item in our list.

2. You need to pee more often

When the external sphincter muscles weaken, you could easily lose control of them and risk leaking all over yourself. You could also end up not being able to empty your bladder properly and would need to go to the bathroom more often.

3. You might develop urinary retention

Urinary retention is the inability to urinate and fully empty the bladder. Although it doesn’t seem so bad save for a couple of peeing accidents once in a while, it could also lead to bacteria thriving in your bladder.

4. You could end up with kidney failure

Urinary retention could lead to more serious things. When the bladder is unable to eliminate urine from the body, it could lead to kidney failure. Now does anyone need a bathroom break?


Best Herbs and Foods To Keep Kidneys Healthy

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If toxins are not removed properly, it can build up and may cause kidney stones and high blood pressure. Hence, it is crucial to cleanse our kidney regularly to remove toxin and improve urine & kidney function.

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Experiment Shows Chewing Gum While Walking Can Increase The Amount Of Body Fat Burned

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In an experiment conducted by Japanese researchers, it has been found out that chewing gum while merely walking can cause increased heart rate and energy usage in the body. This is what happened with the 46 participants ages 21 to 69 years old who participated in the said experiment.

Volunteers were split into groups according to age and gender.


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Intermittent Fasting Helped Mom Lose 85 Pounds In 7 Short Months

Janelle Wright is the perfect example of what the 16:8 diet can do to your body.

Losing post-baby weight can be difficult for most mothers. However, one determined mom has managed to shed up to 71 pounds only six months after the birth of her daughter. How did she do it? She bought herself a treadmill and took up intermittent fasting.

Janielle Wright is a 28-year-old mother based in Toronto, Ontario. She admits that she was already overweight before having a baby and had difficulty losing the excess pounds. In January this year, Wright finally decided that she would take control of her weight. This is when she chose intermittent fasting to be her new diet plan.

Wright chose to take her time with her weight loss journey.


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