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Bloggers Reveal What Really Happens Behind Perfect Instagram Photos

What happens behind the scene is not what you expect it to be.

Every shared photo on Instagram doesn’t really tell us the whole story. With every perfect shot comes a series of filters to create that Instagram-worthy photo.

Parenting bloggers from the UK know this fact more than anyone else. Here’s what really happens behind these bloggers’ IG posts.

Behind every perfectly plated cake is a child throwing a tantrum, but of course, it’s not in the photo.

Bridie By The Sea, a mother and lifestyle blogger, shared, “It took two of us to distract Emma and coax her out of having a complete meltdown.

Despite the absolute chaos we had caused in the kitchen, it was a success. It’s all about balance — enjoying the moment together regardless of mess and chaos.”

“I mainly try to ignore those pressures, it’s tough enough being a mother these days,” said Elfa a.k.a Californian Mum in London.

“While I will sometimes share the better photos and not share the utter mess of my life, I like my blog and social media to be a fairly accurate portrayal of my family life.” , she added.

The photos may look amazing but after the shot, there’s the cleaning up to think about.

“Before I had children, I had images of me and my little angels sat at the table mixing ingredients, laughing over the flour making clouds, each of them having a spoon of cake mixture to lick clean and lots of fun sprinkling toppings of fairy cakes.”

“I repeat… before I had children,” said Budding Smiles blogger Hannah.

Reality will always be far different from what you envision.

Source: sebsmummy83

Hannah added, “Picture perfect scenes of beautiful culinary creations are undoubtedly beautiful and in many ways inspiring, but as a less-than-Pinterest-perfect mama, they sometimes leave me feeling deflated and lacking in the creative department. While ‘perfect’ pictures inspire; they don’t always tell the full story.”

Everything that is happening behind the scene doesn’t make the food unattractive nonetheless.

“Going forward, I will still put up photos I think ‘sell the food,'” said doctor, dad, and blogger Jack of Working Family Food. “However don’t be surprised if a few shots of a toy-strewn living room or a child covered in his own dinner also make it up — this is the reality. Please don’t judge too harshly!”


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