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Vegan Activists Play Audio From Slaughterhouses To Prove A Point To Steakhouse Diners

Reaching people is never possible when they are disrespected like this.

An unnecessary event happened in a Brazilian steakhouse when a vegan activist group randomly stormed the establishment and turned it into the site of a protest. The group forced people to listen to the sounds of animals being slaughtered and urged diners to put down their forks.

The protest group is called Direct Action Everywhere that was founded in the US in 2013. Their plan was to go to meat restaurants and supermarkets in the U.K. to make people feel bad about eating meat.

Reports revealed that about 20 members entered Touro Steakhouse on West Street armed with photos of animals. After storming into the restaurant and trying to get the attention of everyone, one member of the group tried to make a speech in the building, but she was mostly talked over. Clearly, the people weren’t having it.

That’s when the vegan activist group decided to play the recordings of slaughterhouses through some speakers they brought. They allegedly told diners to “listen to their screams.”

The legion of protesters began chanting: “It’s not food, its violence.” And “There’s no excuse, for animal abuse.”

Some of the diners can be seen mocking the activists, booing, and laughing as the event unfolds. Waiters also argued with the protestors, as some diners started shouting back.

Eventually, the group abandoned their protests and slowly started to leave to continue protesting outside in the rain.

While most people keep their beliefs to themselves, there are those who want to shove them down your throat. Although there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about what you believe is right, the truth is that not all people are the same, so we can’t expect everyone to be on the same page.

Obviously, the recent protest was set up to fail because reaching people is never possible when they are disrespected like this.

Watch the video here:

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Floyd Mayweather Drops $5.3M On Jewelry During Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

The boxer spent all that cash in JUST ONE STORE!

How much did you spend on your last shopping spree? Floyd Mayweather certainly isn't one to pinch some pennies. The professional boxer recently dropped a shocking $5.3 million on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills, all in just one particular jewelry store.

Mayweather certainly isn't shy about his lavish lifestyle. A quick glimpse at the boxer's Instagram account features his amazing collection of fine jewelry. Nevertheless, fans were still amazed when Pretty Boy Floyd decided to purchase more jewelry at the Beverly Hills shop Peter Marco.

Mayweather shows off his new jewelry from Peter Marco.


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Humans Descended From 2 Adults After Catastrophic Event, Scientists Claim

Could this be the real-life Adam and Eve?

Talk about a truly unexpected discovery. Scientists claim that humans are actually descended from two adults around 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. This possibly happened following a major catastrophic event that wiped out the rest of the species.

Researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland conducted a study on the genetic 'barcodes' of five million animals including humans. Interestingly, they have come to the conclusion that people came from a single pair of beings. In addition to that, nine out of every 10 animal species have been found to come from a solitary pair as well.

The scientists found that human DNA lacks genetic diversity.


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24 Exclusive Things From Japan That The Rest Of The World Needs To Adopt

#21 is definitely the future!

They say the Japanese are some of the nicest people you’d ever meet, and they also have the nicest things. Japan is known for a lot of unique and kawaii (cute) items. They also have incredible technology that tourists never fail to be in awe of the stratovolcanic archipelago, making Japan one of the most highly recommended places to visit when you’re traveling.

We all love purchasing souvenirs for our own personal collection or for gifting other people. However, Japan is making it hard for tourists to choose a souvenir since almost all of the items are just too good to pass. Here are 24 exclusive things from Japan that the rest of the world needs to adopt.

1. A compressed t-shirt.


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