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Twitter’s ‘Matilda Challenge’ Is All Fun And No Harm

Have you tried the “Matilda challenge” yet?

There are so many challenges popping out on the internet every now and then. By the looks of it, it’s not going to end anytime soon.

Now, a brand new challenge is sweeping the internet and netizens couldn’t stop laughing. While other dares were more on the dangerous side, the “Matilda Challenge” is nothing but fun.

There’s a brand new internet challeng and it’s based off of 1996’s “Matilda.”

Source: YouTube

After the “Tide Pod,” the “Zoom,” “Hot Water”and the most recent “In My Feelings” challenges – all of which infamously put the lives of social media users in danger – the internet has finally come up with a challenge that is not harmful and entirely fun, the “Matilda challenge.”

So what is the “Matilda Challenge”? It’s basically recreating a scene from the flick in which Matilda practices her secret telekinetic powers.

People really recreated that scene? You bet!

Source: Twitter

But unlike other challenges where the ones who did them perfectly garnered more views, likes, and attention, the “Matilda Challenge” is the complete opposite.

Since all human beings can’t make objects fly around the room, the good people on the Internet has found a way to create actual magic, with the help of friends and family members.

The funnier, the better.

Source: Twitter

You will not see highly-edited clips to make things float, move, and fly on their own in the “Matilda Challenge.” In fact, the more obvious the magic attempt is, the better.

There is no video editing program involved, no green screens – nothing! Just a person pointing at some things, and obvious hands and feet will be seen moving them.

The viral sensation has since taken off and participants have been very creative in creating their own variations on the iconic scene. The “Matilda challenge” is so pure and heartwarming that it’s practically impossible to watch and not smile.

Watch one of the most popular “Matilda challenge” videos here:


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