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Trans Woman Asked To Leave The Women’s Changing Room At A Gym

Someone was uncomfortable with her presence.

In recent years, people have become more and more open-minded when it comes to the LGBTQ community. While many are not bothered by their presence in public areas, there are still some who are not comfortable with them in private places – like a gym’s changing room, for example.

In fact, a trans woman who had gone into women’s changing rooms at a gym was asked to leave by a staff member, telling her “no men allowed.” The individual, who goes by the name of “Sarah,” had been a PureGym member for more than a year and had been using the female changing rooms at the branch for two months.

Sarah was asked by the staff if she wanted to use the gender-neutral disabled facilities — which she declined, as she’s not disabled — and whether she had undergone gender confirmation surgery, which she refused to answer.

She recalled:

“The manager said that men weren’t allowed in the women’s locker room. She said: ‘I’m afraid you have to leave’ because someone was made uncomfortable by me being in there.”

PureGym staff took the tras woman’s details to follow up with the incident, and when she asked if having gender assignment surgery was a condition that allowed her to use the female changing rooms. The manager said she wasn’t sure about the policy relating to that.

Sarah added:

“I asked if it was the policy that trans women were not allowed in the women’s locker room and [the manager] said that she didn’t know the policy in particular.

She just kept saying that I had to leave because someone had reported me. Nowhere in any of this did she tell me that I’d done anything wrong.”

The trans woman has not returned to the PureGym branch since the incident and has not found a different gym which makes her feel welcome.

A PureGym spokesperson said:

“On this occasion, PureGym staff contacted the member discreetly, following questions from other members, to agree on a solution on the appropriate changing facilities. We would still value the opportunity to discuss this matter with the member and agree on an appropriate solution … PureGym has a zero-tolerance policy on any transphobic behavior from staff or other members.”


Stunning Photo Captured by Chinese Satellite Uses 24.9 Billion Pixels

“You can zoom in, zoom out. And you can clearly see every gesture, even face of pedestrians on the road.”

How's this for a jaw-dropping picture? A stunning photo of Shanghai City is showing people what the world looks like through 195 gigapixels. It's a panoramic bird's eye view that has captured every tiny detail in the city, even the faces of passing pedestrians.

The 360-degree panoramic view of Shanghai was taken by Bigpixel Technology from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in China. The world-class innovative enterprise was invited by the Shanghai Information Office to take a picture of the entire city. With the use of advanced technology and 195 billion pixels, Bigpixel Technology took the stunning image of Shanghai that immediately left viewers amazed.

The random pedestrians can clearly be seen when you zoom in on the photo.


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Vegan Activists Form Human Chain To Block Meat Aisle At Supermarket

No Christmas turkey for you!

No Christmas turkey for you! A group of vegan activists formed an impenetrable human chain blocking the meat aisle at a supermarket. They also brought placards of their protest and flowers for the turkeys.

The incident took place at the Waitrose in Brighton, East Sussex in South East England. The vegan activists decided to barricade the supermarket's meat section, preventing shoppers from packs of steak, chicken, turkey, and other meat products. In addition to that, they brought plates of blood and placards declaring "Humane murder is a lie" and "It's not food, it's violence."

The vegan activists held placards and shouted at shoppers trying to reach the meat aisle.


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27-Year-Old Engineer Quits Career To Become Fish Breeder And Earns A Lot More

Success is finding your passion.

Some people thought that they have finally figured life out: study well, graduate, get a job, succeed. However, that’s not always the case.

Life, as we all know, is full of surprises and what may work for other people doesn’t automatically mean that it will work for you as well. In fact, one engineer even gave up his career to become a fish breeder instead — and he’s never been happier.


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