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Tourists Evacuated After 40ft Wave Wiped Out Hotel Balconies In Tenerife

This is devastating!

Tenerife has been devastated by the “worst storm in 40 years” as authorities closed tourist areas amid fears of looting in damaged homes and hotels. Towering 40ft waves slammed the Spanish island, leaving holidaymakers with no choice but to evacuate the area.

Footage shows waves reaching the third-floor of a block of flats in Mesa del Mar in the north-west of Tenerife. Fierce storms led to restaurant windows being smashed, cars being swept away, and tourist spots severely destroyed.

A dramatic video that was uploaded on social media shows the gigantic waves crashing into the side of a high-rise building, brushing away the railings from concrete balconies.

The incident occurred after regional government authorities proclaimed a condition of caution as a storm battered the north of Tenerife and some parts of the Canary Islands.

Alvaro Davila, mayor of the municipality of Tacoronte, said 65 apartments in two blocks facing the ocean had been evacuated. He also confirmed nobody had been injured, which led to 39 people being ordered to evacuate two buildings in Garichico.

Garichico was badly affected by the storm. Streets were heavily flooded as locals and tourists ran for their lives. Videos that were taken by people of the incidents were truly heartbreaking.

Shocking footage also showed a Marbella hotel catching fire after being struck by lightning. The streets appeared to be like a totally different area as they looked like rivers. Smoke also spilled out of the Playa Hotel in the Las Chapas.

The holiday spot of Adeje also reported waves breaking windows of a hotel restaurant, though fortunately, no one was injured. The first evacuations were carried out at 10 pm on Saturday night, and more were conducted at around 2 am early Sunday morning.

Watch the video here:


Gerard Butler, Robin Thicke, And More Celebs Lose Homes In California Wildfires

Ths is devastating.

A Southern California wildfire damaged a lot of properties, leaving people without a home, including celebrities. The Santa Ana winds fueled the fires and pushed them toward Malibu, right in the paths of dozens of stars' mansions.

Gerard Butler, Robin Thicke, and RHOBH's Camille Grammer are among the growing list of celebrities who have lost homes to the devastating California wildfire in Southern California. Now, the Kardashians' hometown of Calabasas has been put under a mandatory evacuation order as the Woolsey Fire continued to rage.


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Traffic Jam Saves Man’s Life After He Misses Ill-Fated Lion Air Flight

Meet the “luckiest man alive.”

Getting stuck in a traffic jam may not be your idea of a good day but for one man, it proved to be a literal lifesaver. Sony Setiawan, a man from Indonesia, has been called by the internet as the “luckiest man alive” after he missed his Lion Air JT610 flight because of the terrible grid lock.

As we all know by now, the ill-fated flight crashed with 189 people onboard and authorities aren’t expecting to find any survivors from the tragic accident. If not for the traffic, Setiawan could’ve easily been one of the victims.

Sony Setiawan failed to make it on time for his flight as he was still stuck outside the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.


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Lion Air Passenger Took Terrifying Live Stream Footage Minutes Before The Crash

This is heartbreaking.

Heartbreaking footage taken by a passenger on aboard the downed Indonesian Lion Air flight was shared online. The video was taken minutes before the crash and showed the complete terror and desperation of the people inside the plane, waiting for their fate.

Some began praying, while others started mumbling with their shaky voices, not knowing that those were their last words. At one point when the plane aggressively shook, the passengers screamed, clearly getting distraught with their unimaginable situation.


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