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Titan – The Deepest Diving Underwater Drone for Everyone

Explore the deep parts of the ocean while staying dry!

Drones these days are not only meant to be used in the sky. Underwater drones have become increasingly popular for those who like to go on underwater explorations.

One of the underwater drones that’s been put on the spotlight is Titan, a device that is expected to beat its rivals when it comes to the capability of going deep underwater. Most underwater drones can only be taken as deep as 50 to 100 meters. But Titan promised to go much further than that.

Titan is going to be the deepest underwater drone.

It can travel 150 m (490 feet) deep into the sea.

That way, anyone can have fun just exploring the ocean from the ground.

As stated on itsKickstarter, Titan will be “the most affordable” drone for underwater explorations. Its features include a 4k 30fps camera and “streamline, game-like control system.” The camera has a 160° ultra-wide angle lens to give you breathtaking images of marine life.

You can also capture spectacular 4K videos and 8MP vibrant images.

Titan is also built with impressive maneuverability and it comes with LED spotlight to help you see where you’re headed.

With Titan, one can capture crisp and clear photo and videos of the underwater world.

Titan also comes with a durable rolling case to easily transport the device. Whenever and wherever you go, Titan will tag along with you on your adventures.

It also includes a remote controller to connect with your smartphone or tablet for viewing. It works with its own GenoRev app so you can enjoy your sea exploration from your smartphone.

The device is also perfect for marine biologists, educators, as well as underwater photographers.

Alan Wang, chief technical officer for Geneinno, which is Titan’s manufacturer, explains to Digital Trends what makes Titan stand out from other brands of underwater drones. He said:

“Titan [is] more stable than other underwater drones, because we know that stability means everything. No matter how good your camera is, without stability, there is no way you can get good pictures, especially underwater.”


Disney Creates High-Flying Stunt Robot That Poses Just Like A Superhero

This “new breed of animatronics“ is definitely “pushing the limits of robotic engineering.”

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s... No, that’s definitely not Superman. It’s actually Disney’s very own flying stunt robot.

In a report posted online by TechCrunch, we learn about this new, high-flying animatronic bot by Disney and its currently been making waves online, sparking interest from curious netizens everywhere.

Not your ordinary animatronic robot!


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‘Little Red’ 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Turns Up In Texas After 50 Years

It’s official! Green Hornet’s rare sister has been found.

Apparently, the 1968 Shelby EXP 500 Green Hornet has a sister called “Little Red.” The legendary vehicle has now been found and it could be worth a ridiculous amount of money!

This past spring, the experimental Ford Shelby Prototype was discovered in a North Texas field. The owner wasn’t aware that he had the near-mythical first Mustang Shelby GT500 rusting away on his property.

Shelby’s Little Red prototype GT500 EXP, is considered the “Holy Grail” of lost collector cars - and its finally been located!


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This Trash Can Crushes Your Garbage So You Won’t Have To Touch It

It also has features that make trash totally odor-free!

Let’s face it: taking out the trash is NEVER any person’s favorite household chore. Besides, no one likes holding garbage and so we just couldn’t help but wish someone else would take care of the task for us. Not to mention that trash literally stinks!

Well what if we told you that there’s a product out there that can actually make your life much easier? Garbage-haters, meet Joseph Joseph’s Titan Trash Compactor, an awesome trash can surely loves the chore you hate!

With this innovative trash can, you will never have to touch any garbage ever again.


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