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11 Times The Background Of Photos Was Better Than The Main Subject

#6 is epic!

Supporting actors receive awards for a reason. They may not be the lead in the movie or television series, but they make things better, and there are times that they steal the show.

Just like these people in the background of photos, for example. The main reason why the snap was taken was not because of them, but they definitely grabbed our attention more.

1. Royal photobomber

Queen Elizabeth decided to join in on Australian Field Hockey player Jayde Taylor’s Selfie.

2. An unlikely witness

People are stepping up their proposal game as some of them go viral. This one particular proposal, however, quickly garnered a lot of attention for the couple’s very curious audience.

3. Upside down

It appears that things are getting a little too much to handle for this young boy.

4. The ever-popular Leaning Tower Of Pisa Pose but with a twist

Are you getting tired of seeing tourists making that same pose in front of the famous freestanding bell tower? Well, this guy decided to make it a little different for you.

5. Sharks love selfies too!

Just because they are one of the most intimidating creatures on earth, doesn’t mean that they’re not up for a fun snap.

6. Largest photobomber ever?

This picture doesn’t only have one photobomber, but an entire family!

7. That’s not how you high five!

This kid got a little too friendly with the very busy server.

8. Say cheese!

These cops are not the only ones who are ready to show off their Hollywood smile.

9. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

This was like a scene from Cinderella when the fairy godmother magically turned her torn dress into a beautiful gown.

10. You don’t say?

This lady gets an A for honesty. If you want to live next to a cemetery, then this is the perfect place for you.

11. Someone wants to be in the picture too

We just can’t get over Elmo’s face; he looked betrayed.


Little Boy Pees During Mom’s Marriage Proposal Video

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Kevin had brought along his 11-year-old daughter Kayleigh to film his proposal, which took place in front of a fountain. He wanted it to be a special and intimate moment, with Allysa's son, Owen, included.


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Show and Tell is a very famous school activity because it teaches the kids to be more comfortable in public speaking. However, a video reminded everyone that there is a high possibility that this wholesome recreation will not always go according to plan.


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Since moms are always known for taking care of the kids, dads are assumed to not be as great in nurturing the little ones. However, one dad proved that fathers are actually fantastic in watching the kids.


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