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This Guy Turns His Massive Book Collection Into Incredible Works Of Art

Books are no longer just for reading and display.

James Trevino doesn’t just read books but also create art out of them. With the massive collection of books, he is one of the most popular bookstagrammer on IG. This guy is a big fan of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Pokemon, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and many more.

From these books, he draws inspiration and recreates them through some of his creative book cover acts. Although Trevino is well known his for Popular Culture book display ideas, it does not end there. Like any other, he continues to explore and create acts out of the books he has read.

Here is a photo of James Trevino that shows his huge collection of rainbow-colored books.

His creative book displays are best viewed top down.

In this picture, James Trevino portrays to be a wizard from the book, Harry Potter.

Trevino channels his inner Star Wars self.

Him being candid on a Scooby Doo inspired book display.

The Lord of the Rings fan with his book artwork.

Some of Trevino’s works are products of his playful mind such as this book display idea.

In here, Trevino is a lifeguard ready to save anyone in distress.

Warrior with flaming aura.

A depiction of peace and calmness within.

James Trevino is not just on IG but also, a co-curator of “My Book Features” where people all over the world share their love for books through photos.

So, what do you think about James Trevino’s work of art?


Artists Unite To Create A Breaching Whale With 10,000 Pounds Of Plastic

This is a reminder of how much the amount of plastic waste ends up in the oceans each year.

StudioKCA, which is an architecture and design firm based in Brooklyn, constructed a 38-ft. tall breaching humpback whale made from over 10,000 pounds of plastic ocean waste. They created the installation for the Bruges Triennial

The project is in response to the estimated 150 million tons of plastic trash currently in the ocean. STUDIOKCA and the Hawaii Wildlife Fund collaborated to organize a clean-up in beaches so they could collect plastic waste to be used for the Skyscraper (the Bruges Whale).

Trash becomes a treasure!


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Artist Creates Digital Manipulations Inspired By Popular Idioms

I bet you will never think about these popular idioms the same way again.

Tara Lesher graduated from college with a degree in education, but she is now living her passion as a creative photographer. Her specialty is children’s creative portraits.

Since most kids tend to take words literally, it inspired Tara to create these amazing digital manipulations. Her new series, called “Idioms,” is all about putting an image in our minds whenever we say or hear these popular idioms. Check out her work.

1. Couch potato


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America’s First Underwater Museum Opens In Florida

This is breathtaking!

America's first underwater museum has opened with submarine-themed exhibits providing habitat for ocean life. It is located right off the coast of Grayton Beach State Park in South Walton, Florida.

The Underwater Museum of Art’s (UMA) purpose is to make art that turns into the marine habitat by expanding fish populations. Also, with its creative, cultural, and educational aspects, visitors and explorers will get the opportunity to enjoy and learn at the same time as they dive into the deep sea.

Source: CNN

The project was nearly two years in the making and has seven prominent sculptures on display....

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