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The New York Public Library Grow Up Program Lends Neckties And Briefcases To Jobseekers

This is a great encouragement.

Patrons of the New York Public Library is getting another treat that is over and beyond what usual libraries offer their guests. Targeting all job interviewees, the NYPL is now offering a wardrobe upgrade for job seekers, letting them borrow formal wear for free.

Known as the Grow Up program, the New York Public Library lets its visitors browse accessories and formal apparel that could help them look more presentable for job interviews. This is a first-of-its-kind service to be offered by a public library.

To enjoy free services, visitors simply need to go to the Riverside branch and talk to the librarian.

The borrower simply must have zero to $15 (at most) of fine in his or her name to be able to borrow accessories and outfits good for a one-time, three-week period.

Among the offered accessories and apparel are neckties, bowties, purses, briefcases, and handbags.

Aside from these, the New York Public Library also offers career-related advice, interview tips, and other resources for better chances of landing the perfect job.

While the public library project mainly targets job seekers, the service is also available for patrons’ use for other occasions.

Aside from job interviews, these accessories may also be used for auditions, formal events, graduations, meetings, weddings, and proms.

The New York Public Library is known for its innovative and engaging programs.

In 2017, it transformed a subway train into a “Subway Library,” seeking to improve the public’s reading and learning habits.

Early 2018, the public library began facilitating the free museum admission.

Now, the Grow Up program seeks to continue the library’s over and beyond service to better provide “inventive solutions to organizational challenges.”

Take advantage of this commendable project and land your dream job today!


This Is What Happens When Flight Attendants Aren’t Working

A collection of candid moments when no passengers are looking.


Ever wondered what it’s like to work in the skies? Or where flight attendants go when they’re finished checking seatbelts and tray tables, done stowing bags or serving meals?

Molly Choma, a Virgin Airlines flight attendant and a photographer, gives a peek into their world through her photo series “The Secret Life of Virgins”. During downtime at work, Molly would take snapshots of her colleagues - some curated while most are candid.

Her collection of behind-the-scene moments go beyond the glamor of their profession.


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10 Everyday Items That Could Save Your Life In An Emergency Situation

#10 is genius!

It has been tested and proven multiple times that improvising is a fact of life. Saving yourself from a dangerous situation is not always that hard. All you need is a clear mind to know how to get yourself out of there.

The truth is, you really don't need a specific item to save your life. Here are 10 everyday items that you can use in an emergency situation.

1. Chewing gum wrapper


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Inemuri, The Japanese Art Of Being Present While Sleeping At Work

It’s so common it became a norm.


Sleeping at work is often deemed ridiculous and improper. It can jeopardize one’s job and garner scorn from the bosses. Yet this Asian country opposes the norm and takes a different stance. In Japan, taking a nap in the workplace is socially acceptable. They even have a term for it – “inemuri,” which means “present while sleeping”.

Japan is a bustling country where people live a fast-paced lifestyle. In recent studies, the Japanese only get an average sleep of 6 hours and 35 minutes every day. Because of sleep-deprivation, napping in public places and in the workplace has become a common sight.

Someone took further interest in this aspect of the Japanese culture.


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