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The Door You Choose To Walk Through Says A Lot About Your Personality

Which door would you walk through?

There are so many things in life that we are drawn to. Whether it be by choice or by curiosity, we always make a lot of decisions every single day.

So what if your choice will actually reveal the type of person that you are? Like this test for example. Choose one door and see what it says about your personality.

Which door would you walk through?

Source: wonderneed

There is no right or wrong answer. Remember, you are in control of your own life and no one else. Choose the door that draws you in the most.

If you chose door #1

Here’s the explanation:

“You are a fun individual that likes to keep things light and airy. You are all about nurturing others and appreciating the simple luxuries in life; such as your fine dishware, favorite candle or eating artisan bread from the local bakery. You most likely have a love for traveling and other cultures. You truly want the best for everyone and love creating a welcoming atmosphere. It is important to remember that if you ever feel that you need help or support, it is OK to just ask someone.”

You are a simple person who wants the best for everyone. You enjoy exploring the world and appreciate even the little things.

If you chose door #2

“Your fun and playful personality keep you young and youthful. Although you are easy going, you tend to have lower self-confidence and anxiety about specific things in your life. You are usually unorganized; yet don’t even know where to start to help yourself to fix the messy problem. You are a proud individual, but you need to learn to love yourself more. You need to take the time to find yourself through self-expression. How are you currently expressing yourself to the world? Remember that there are people around you that can help you, but you need to let them know you are willing to receive help. Life is easier when you let people in.”

Being independent is a valuable trait, but you take yours way too seriously. And despite your ability in making other people happy, you still have a hard time loving your own self.

If you chose door #3

“You are a quirky person that is always making things work. You are an amazing problem solver that prides yourself on your thrifty living. You like to live an uncomplicated life and usually get by with the basics. Why would you need anything else? You are very easy to please and love doing things for others. Whether it be fixing your neighbor’s toilet, building a birdhouse for your mother out of reclaimed wood or helping your friend find a great living room set at the thrift shop; you are always there to lend a hand. Remember that life is special. It is OK to treat yourself to amazing things. You are special too!”

It gives you satisfaction to help other people. You put all your time and energy for the benefit of others.

If you chose door #4

“You are an old soul that can be slightly dramatic. You are a very artistic person that loves to express yourself through writing, music, art or some kind of expression. You are a dichotomy; for you can be very open and friendly, yet closed and deeply private. You often have your guard up, keeping your thoughts and troubles to yourself. Although you might think that nobody will truly understand you, if you allow yourself to open up and share your feelings, you will feel so much better. Deep down you are not aright with any imperfections, and you feel the need to come across as “the rock” in any group situation. Know that people are willing to share their feelings with you and want you to share your feelings with them.”

You are very creative, yet you have a hard time expressing yourself. You have troubles in believing that there are people out there who will accept you for who you truly are.


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