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The British Royal Family Banned Their Kids From Using Some Popular Toys

The future rulers of all of the United Kingdom got to have rules too!

When we think of the British Royal family, we automatically feel that they have everything. We’re also convinced that the kids are especially lucky, and they may own every single popular toy out there.

As it turns out, the future rulers of all of the United Kingdom got to have rules too. In fact, they’re less exposed to gadgets than most regular kids.

Princess Diana’s parenting had definitely made an impact on Prince William, which is why he and Kate Middleton are striving to follow her lead.

The people’s princess was known for trying to give her two sons a normal life as much as possible by letting them wear jeans and baseball caps and make trips to McDonald’s for burgers. Now, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also into that kind of parenting. While the world modernizes, the British royal family stays pretty much the same.

And apparently, the concept from a bygone era extends all the way to George and Charlotte’s playroom. Prince William and Kate Middleton even ban their children from playing with iPads, and offer up more traditional, low tech toys to them.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s parenting is more on the old fashion side.

A source said:

“They’re very much seen as Mummy and Daddy’s toys, not for children. As two people who grew up without gadgets for entertainment themselves, William and Kate are firm believers in toys, outdoor play and encouraging an active imagination.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s choice may sound a little too strict to other parents for not allowing their kids to enjoy these gadgets, but they are actually doing more good than harm to their children.

Studies revealed that playing on iPads in early childhood has been linked to significant delays in speech development.

So while other kids are playing on their gadgets, George spends hours riding bikes while Charlotte plays Disney princesses. And while other kids isolate themselves in a room to watch their favorite videos on YouTube, Goerge enjoys long talks with his dad.


6 Things You Won’t See In Restaurants Anymore

It’s for the best.

We go to our favorite restaurants to enjoy the food and ambiance. We pay, we leave and return any time soon. However, things might not be the same anymore when you go to your favorite restaurant as there are changes made to the premises that are quite noticeable.

Most of these changes are actually good and are even in favor of the environment and for people who care for it. Here are six things that you won’t find in restaurants anymore.

1. Plastic Straws


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7 Reasons Why You Should Pay With Cash

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In a world where paying is just a swipe away, it seems that using cash is a thing in the past. But is swiping your card really the best option? Here are seven reasons why you should pay with cash.

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California City To Pay Monthly $500 Allowance To Its Residents

Is it time to move to Stockton, California?

Stockton is not exactly the first place that comes to mind when considering an ideal place to live in California. After all, it was once touted "the most miserable city in the U.S." by Forbes back in 2011. The city was previously on the verge of bankruptcy and people were unsure whether living in Stockton would be a good idea.

Interestingly, it looks like the California city has bounced back since those dark days. Stockton will reportedly take part in a major test for Universal Basic Income (UBI). In line with this, the city will pay 100 of its residents a monthly stipend of $500 in 2019.

Stockton is the first US city that will take part in the UBI program starting next year.


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