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The Actress Who Plays The Nun Is Not At All Creepy In Real Life

She’s stunning!

“The Nun,” the latest installment in “The Conjuring” franchise, have killed it at the box office. The reviews are somewhat mixed, but they don’t really matter if the audience was having a good time.

Valak quickly became a horror icon, but her fame is quite accidental. The demonic nun wasn’t even supposed to be a part of “The Conjuring 2,” but her appearance in the supernatural horror film was so effective that she came back in the spin-off that promised to show us where it all started.


Valak easily became everyone’s favorite demonic nun, thanks to the fantastic portrayal of Bonnie Aarons.

Aarons is the same one who originated the role in “The Conjuring 2,” but that’s definitely not the only place you’ve seen the character actor before.

Before “The Nun,” she had already been scaring us for years with roles in horror movies like “I Know Who Killed Me,” “Drag Me To Hell,” “The Conjuring 2” and “Mulholland Drive.”

Aarons has found success in horror films, but she is not limiting herself to that genre. Many remembered her as Baroness Joy von Troken in “The Princess Diaries” and “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.”

Source: Instagram

Although Valak looked like she’d been scaring people since ancient times, Aarons is just 39 years old. In fact, she’s not all creepy in real life at all!

Without all the crazy and creepy makeup, the actress is actually stunning. However, because of her unique appearance and nose, she was frequently told that she shouldn’t pursue an acting career.

Of course, it was Aarons’ unique look that eventually won over both David Lynch and James Wan, the two visionary directors casting her to give the rest of us enduring nightmares. Just because she doesn’t fit Hollywood’s perception of beauty, doesn’t mean she’s not gorgeous at all because she is.


10 Movie Details Most Viewers Missed Out

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However, you would soon realize that most of the time there's something more to the film than meets the eye. Here are ten movie details that viewers often miss out.

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Singer Returns With Jaw-Dropping Audition After Simon Cowell Rejected Him 17 Years Ago

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This story is a solid reminder to everyone to never give up on your dreams. You might not achieve your goal instantly, but if it’s meant for you, it’s meant for you.

Just like Danny Tetley, for example. He wanted to be a singer, so the best thing that he thought that would bump up his music career was to audition for “Pop Idol” in 2001, where Simon Cowell was a judge. However, things didn’t go his way at the time.


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Real-Life Sam From ‘I Am Legend’ Is Still A Very Good Girl

Abbey is now 13 years old but still looking good!

Most people were understandably confused with the I Am Legend storyline. However, there is little doubt that everyone fell in love with the smart German Shepherd dog named Sam. Not surprisingly, the adorable dog who played Sam is still very much alive. In addition to that, she is still a very good girl.

Abbey was only three years old when she starred alongside Will Smith in I Am Legend. The intelligent GSD immediately stole the show as Robert Neville's only companion. Today, Abbey is 13-years-old and happily living with her trainer Steve Berens.

She might be older but Abbey still knows how to strike a pose.


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