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Teenager Drives 220 Miles To Deliver Sick Man’s Favorite Pizza

Faith in humanity officially restored!

Some people can truly astound us with their kindness and generosity. A teenager who works at a pizza place decided to break the restaurant’s “no delivery” policy for a terminally ill customer. In addition to that, the 18-year-old drove 220 miles just to make sure the sick man could enjoy his favorite pizza.

Dalton Shaffer was working at Steve’s Pizza in Battle Creek, Michigan when he received the call. The man on the other line told the teenager about his son-in-law Rich Morgan, who loved the restaurant’s pizza. Although the man only asked if Steve’s could send Rich a text or card, Shaffer decided that he should deliver the ill man his favorite pie. He insisted on doing so despite being told that Rich is in Indianapolis or that Steve’s does not make deliveries.

The teenager traveled seven hours roundtrip so a dying man could enjoy his favorite pizza.

Source: ABC

So why was Shaffer so compelled to drive seven hours just to deliver two pizzas? Rich and his wife Julie Morgan had been loyal customers of Steve’s when they lived in Michigan 25 years ago. Although they moved away, they always believed that the restaurant had the best pizza.

The two were planning to visit Steve’s but unfortunately, Rich became too ill when his cancer returned and he had to stay at home for hospice care.

The couple was lucky enough that Shaffer happened to be working as the manager at Steve’s when Julie’s dad made the call. The teenager arrived at 2 AM and refused any help from the grateful customers. Julie later posted about the incident on Facebook.

“I am beyond overwhelmed and humbled by this act of genuine kindness. Dalton brought our family so much joy – and the best pizza in the world – at a really difficult time. While “thank you” hardly seems adequate – from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Dalton from Steve’s Pizza in Battle Creek, MI for making your epic middle of the night pizza delivery!”

Rich and Julie were truly moved by Shaffer’s sweet gesture.

Needless to say, the post went viral and Shaffer became an instant celebrity. However, the teenager remains humble and says he only wanted to do something for Rich and his family during a distressing time.

Recent reports tell us that Rich has since passed away. Although his passing is heartbreaking, Rich went away knowing true kindness and compassion.


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