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Teen Miraculously Survives 49 Days At Sea In A Fishing Hut

This story reminded me of Tom Hanks’ “Cast Away.”

This shocking tale of an Indonesian teenager is definitely one of the most extraordinary human survival stories in modern history. Aldi Novel Adilang has managed to keep himself alive for 49 days while floating adrift in a flimsy hut for thousands of kilometers across the Pacific Ocean.

The 19-year-old was finally rescued by the Panamanian vessel MV Arpeggio after spending nearly one-and-a-half months at sea on a tiny fishing hut. Aldi works as a lamp keeper on a floating fish trap since he was 16 years old. But on that fateful day, he was swept out to sea while doing his job.

Indonesian diplomat from the consulate in Osaka, Fajar Firdaus, said:

“[He] said he had been scared and often cried while adrift … Every time he saw a large ship, he said, he was hopeful, but more than ten ships had sailed past him. None of them stopped or saw [him].”

Aldi only had food and water good for a few days, so he caught some fish and burned some parts of his hut to cook them to survive. He also strained seawater through his clothes for it to be a little more bearable to drink.

Since his vessel had no paddle or engine, his fate depended solely on the wind and sea current.

Eventually, the crew aboard Panamanian-flagged MV Arpeggio spotted him from the waters of Guam on August 31. Finally, Aldi’s ordeal was over after he drifted away over 1,200 miles from Manado. He was then reunited with his family.

Aldi shared that he waved a cloth to the MV Arpeggio to get its attention, but his strategy failed. After that, he sent an emergency radio signal. The young boy said that he thought he “was going to die out there.”

The teenager flew home to Manado on September 8, accompanied by consulate officials, and is reportedly in good health.


Motorcycle Rider Throws Woman’s Trash Back Into Her Car

She threw her garbage on the road – and she learned her lesson right away!

It’s always satisfying whenever we see terrible people getting a dose of their own medicine. Such can be said about this short video which recently went viral on Chinese social media. In the footage, we see a female motorcycle rider throwing garbage back into a woman’s car.

The motorcyclist has since gained a lot of praises and support for her heroic deed. Clearly, she thought the woman a lesson she probably won’t forget anytime soon.

According to reports, the incident happened in Beijing, China.


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Newly-Erected Skyscraper In China Looks Very Familiar

We really don’t need to explain what that is supposed to look like so just watch the video instead.

A skyscraper in China is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its very unusual yet familiar appearance. Guangxi is famously known for its terraced landscape, so it was the inspiration for the newly-opened Media Center in the southwestern province - but that's not what most people see when they look at the building.

The new Guangxi New Media Center is already very hard to ignore as it is unique and huge. But the main reason why people can't stop talking and mocking the gigantic building is because of its uncanny resemblance to the male genitalia. The building looks like a giant pe nis with a pair of testicles.


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Woman Finds ‘Exceptionally Rare’ Venomous Two-Headed Snake Slithering In Her Garden

Watching the heads trying to go in different directions is just plain creepy!

A two-headed baby copperhead was discovered in a northern Virginia resident this month, which is a very rare finding. The unusual serpent was captured by Virginia Wildlife Management & Control and is now being looked after by an experienced private reptile keeper.

Experts revealed that both heads deliver a venomous bite. However, snake expert JD Kleopfer said that creatures with two heads don't really live that long since both heads wanted different things.


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