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4 Surprising Ways You Have Been Spreading Germs To Others

#4 is a shocker!

Nobody likes getting sick. It makes you feel horrible and the flu can be easily passed on to our loved ones. However, we might be spreading germs without even knowing it. Even the smallest actions can actually spread germs in surprising ways.

Got a birthday coming up? Think twice before blowing out your candles if you’re feeling ill. The little tradition actually gets bacteria all over the birthday cake, which is then sliced and shared with others. If you thought that was surprising, check out the four other ways you have been spreading your germs to others.

1. Avoiding Flu Shots

There’s a good reason why doctors insist on having children vaccinated. However, a young healthy adult probably thinks it isn’t important for them to get flu shots. They couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A flu shot does more than just protect one individual from sickness. When you get vaccinated, you are also protecting those who are more prone to sicknesses like babies and the elderly.

2. Not Washing Your Hands Properly

You’ll need to do more than just stick your hands under running water. Wet hands then scrub soap on the back of your hands, making sure to get between fingers and under your nails. Count to 20 before rinsing thoroughly and using a clean towel to dry.

No access to soap and water? You’ll need to use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol to kill all the pesky germs.

3. Working Even Though You’re Sick

You might think you’re still being productive when you decide not to call in sick. However, you’re actually putting your officemates at risk of getting sick as well.

If you have the flu, it would be best to stay away from the office for a full day until your fever goes down. In case you have a cold, you will need to take a sick leave for at least two or three days.

4. Talking To Other People Up Close

This is certainly one of the most surprising ways you can pass your germs on to someone. Even if you don’t sneeze in their direction, just talking to other people can easily spread germs.

When you’re sick, there is a huge chance that you can spread the flu to people up to six feet away. Once again, this is another good reason to just stay home and wait until you’re feeling better.


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