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Super Fit Granny Wows The Internet With Her Amazing Gym Workout

Tired of going to the gym to get that beach-body you always wanted? Let this 69-year-old granma enlighten you.

Age is just a number. This statement has long been used to describe stories about big age gaps in a relationship or people not looking what their peers would do at a certain age. Although there are lots of stories that cover the former, this one is about the latter.

Geralda Barbosa, a 69-year-old resident of Serra, Brazil, has become popular for all the right reasons as she proves that aging doesn’t necessarily mean you should let yourself go.

Meet 69-year-old Geralda Barbosa.

In 2013, the Brazilian grandmother felt the effects of almost seven decades of struggling in life. Her muscles have weakened and started to sag underneath her skin. She also got tired easily, especially when climbing stairs.

This became her wake-up call. At the time, she realized that she had to do something for her health since she didn’t want others to be burdened in taking care of her. After gathering up her determination, Geralda went to Academia Expressão Saúde, a gym near her residence. There, she began to work out and regain her vigor.

Geralda works out three times a week and allows herself some time to rest.

Now, the 69-year-old grandmother-of-four hits the gym three times a week. To top it off, she was able to build her body in a way that most people half her age would’ve wished they could.

“What I want is to stand up and be independent and that’s my motivation,” she said as cited by Brazilian media No Amazonas É Assim.

“My concern is with this old age that is coming because I do not want anyone to have to carry me, I do not want to give work to anyone.”

Aside from going to the gym, the 69-year-old granny also participates in other fitness activities like rock climbing, sharing the thrilling experience through her Instagram account.

She also became an inspiration for many Academia Expressão Saúde patrons, especially after the gym shared footages of her work out routine.

The videos were posted on the gym’s official Instagram page where it earned more than 26,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Geralda was dubbed as the “Gym Grandma” after her video became viral online.

“Dona Geralda !! She’s been training for 5 years now. But she trains! Is that you? What’s your excuse? Stop the excuses, do your part and your life will be better, longer lasting, healthier and more willing,” one commenter wrote.

This proves that no one is too old to become fit and healthy. Watch Geralda in action in the clips below.

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