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Students Raise Funds For Teacher Who Didn’t Receive Salary For Two Months

Who’s cutting onions?


A teacher’s job is both difficult yet fulfilling. It’s difficult because many teachers from all parts of the world aren’t paid well enough for their job. However, it is also fulfilling because they get to be the one molding an individual’s mind.

Teachers take pride when their students succeed. That seems to be one of their top consolations as most of them are not being paid well. In fact, one teacher in Brazil didn’t get paid at all for two whole months.

Bruno Rafael Paica, a substitute teacher, was not included on the payroll list. Therefore, he wasn’t able to receive his salary and was making ends meet.

On Facebook, he posted a video of him entering his class with a surprise he did not expect at all.

When he entered the room, the students were all extremely behaved, which gave him a very curious expression. Since he missed to read the note that was placed outside the window, the students told him to check it out.

After reading the note, he went inside the classroom again, but he looked like he was expecting a prank. With hesitation, Bruno decided to go with the flow.

Each of his students has notes on their table, and he read everything. Based on Bruno’s expression it seemed to be light and sweet messages or even funny ones.

As it turns out, his students knew that he wasn’t paid for his work and decided to raise funds for him.

After reading all the notes, he went to his desk and found a small box. In it was probably the cash his students were able to earn for him. He could not believe his eyes, and he couldn’t hold back his tears either, his students then gathered around him and gave him a hug.

Watch the video here:

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Photographers Create Magical Christmas Photos For Sick Children In Hospitals

“For some it’s been the last family photo before their child has passed on.”

Christmas isn't only a time for parties and shopping, it's also about making people happy. As the song perfectly puts it, Christmas is indeed "the most wonderful time of the year" and we'll feel that more and more as we use our talents and resources to serve others during the yuletide season.

Take it from this group of volunteers who are on a special mission to make Christmas a joyful celebration for ill children and their families. Established in 2016, The Heart Project has visited hospitals to bring the Christmas spirit to sick children - through a fun photoshoot with Santa Claus.


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Bodybuilder From Viral Meme Has A Brilliant Response To His Picture

And that, folks, is how you reply to a meme of yourself.

One of the advantages of our current internet age is the ability to go viral. Some people became famous because of something that they have said or done that captured a lot of attention, giving them a bump up to superstardom. However, getting the instant fame is not all rainbows and butterflies, there is also a dark side to viral culture.

With that said, one bodybuilder became viral for having an incredibly muscular body. A photo of Søren Falby, an extremely chiseled man who’s often subject to bodybuilder stereotypes, was turned into a meme with the caption: “He slaps your mom, what you doing?” After learning about this, Falby brilliantly replied.


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Heartwarming Video Shows Young Man Feeding Mom At Restaurant

What a kind-hearted young man.

It's a sad reality but yes, many young people nowadays are more invested with their friends than with their family. Add social media to the picture and they seem to have no time for their parents and siblings anymore.

However, one video is reminding everyone that not all young people are too busy for their loved ones. In fact, one kind-hearted man showed absolute love and care for his mother and now the internet is praising him for it.


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