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Student Wears Chair As Backpack After Waking Up From Deep Sleep In Class

The boy may have started a new trend!

After a long break, it is quite understandable that students are having a hard time adjusting to their school routine. The most common problem that students are struggling with is waking up early in the morning to get ready for school.

Just take this one boy from the Philippines, for example. He was apparently having troubles in keeping himself awake in class as he was caught in a deep sleep.

While sleeping in class is nothing new since most kids do it, what the little boy did next made people laugh hysterically.

Source: Facebook

The video started with all the students lining up on one side of the classroom, ready to be dismissed by their teacher — except for one boy.

Knowing that the new routine might be tough for the young pupil, the teacher didn’t wake him up for the whole time he was napping.

The boy’s parent, guardian, or one of the school staff will then be seen fixing his things.

Source: Facebook
While the rest of his classmates were already leaving the classroom, the boy was still in dreamland.

The sound of students running and the movement of the woman who was fixing his stuff suddenly woke the sleepy student up. After realizing that his classmates were already gone, he quickly confirmed that the class was over.

The boy then stood up and grabbed a chair.

Source: Facebook
Obviously still half asleep, the student wore the chair as a backpack and headed to the door.

Source: Facebook

People who were around at the time, including the teacher, couldn’t help but laugh at what the little boy did. He was still so blissfully unaware that he was wearing a chair on his back, he continued walking out the door.

The boy’s mistake made everyone laugh out loud!

Source: Facebook

One woman finally snapped him out of his trance, and he finally let go of the chair. Another woman then returned the school furniture to where it belongs.

Watch the hilarious video here:

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Hilarious Comic Shows Expectation VS Reality of Wedding Nights

Spoiler alert: it may not be as romantic as it looks!

Most of us think of the wedding night as a romantic moment between a husband and a wife. After the ceremony and the celebration, the couple finally gets to spend their much-awaited private time and spend their first night together as newly-weds.

But are wedding nights really all about romance and roses? Not exactly, according to a funny post by College Humor! In an “expectation vs reality” comic done by writer Andrew Bridgman and artist Andy Kluthe, we see that’s not always the case.

Married folks can probably relate with some, if not all, of these strips below. While a few of the scenarios may have been a bit exaggerated (who loses their wedding ring on the first night, right?), most are filled with harsh reality that couples will probably laugh along and relate at the same time. ...

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Guy Goes Viral Because of His Funny Tinder Profile

The ladies couldn’t help but check him out!

When it comes to online dating, creativity is key if you want to get noticed. Let’s face it, only those with dashing good looks get most of the attention there. In fact, they can pretty much do and say anything and still get dates, as proven by one interesting Tinder experiment.

Recently, however, a guy achieved viral fame on the popular dating app because of his ‘genius’ profile. Jesse Mills, who works as a web designer by profession, totally proved that humor can indeed go a long way in the world of dating.

Check out his story below and see for yourself:...

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Guy Pranks Swimmers and Kayakers Using Remote-Controlled Alligator Head

Too funny!

When you’re swimming or kayaking, the last thing you’d want to encounter on water is probably a big alligator. So imagine the terror of these people when they suddenly spotted one!

Fortunately, it was nothing but a prank. In a video posted online by Jay Karl's Hidden Camera & Practical Jokes, we see different reactions from a bunch of vacationers who thought it was really an alligator.

In reality, it was only a remote-controlled decoy.


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