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Student Discovers Schoolmate Has Been Copying Her Instagram Posts For Two Years

Why would people do this?

A university student was shocked when she discovered another student had allegedly mimicked her posts on social media for two years. Chloe Cowan found out that one girl had been re-enacting poses and wearing similar outfits in the pictures as she “stalked her to the extreme.”

While it’s nothing new for Instagram users to get inspiration from other people on the popular photo-sharing platform, this particular copycat took things to a whole new level by posting the same captions as well. It isn’t clear why the girl has been copying Chloe, but one theory is she could be trying to gain more followers.

The fellow undergraduate behind the copycat posts, who calls herself “Honey Basra” shared eerily similar photos on her own account with the same outfits, in the same poses, and even with the same captions.

Chloe’s sister Linzi took to Facebook to warn people of dangers of social media:

“My sister Chloe is at Dundee University and another girl living in Dundee (who my sister wasn’t aware of until this week) has been reenacting her life on Instagram for almost two years.

This girl’s stalking behavior is to the extreme of reenacting videos of a photo album that Chloe posted of my dad who passed away (gives me the shivers when I think about it).”

“Her behavior is not ok and I just wanted this out in the open for people to be aware of just how scary social media can be.

My sister should not have to hide away in worry of her every move being stalked by another girl! Imitation is flattering, but this is just too far.”

Linzi said she believes the girl is from London and started mimicking her sister after moving to Dundee because she had no social media profiles.

She shared a series of photos comparing her sister’s original Instagram posts to the woman’s own lookalike version.

It was claimed that Basra even copied Chloe’s Instagram name of ChloeCowan17xo with her own, HoneyBasra18xo.

After Linzi’s post became viral with over 11,000 shares, the copycat Instagram account has now been deleted, and the girl appears to have vanished.


Missionary Killed With Arrows By Endangered Tribe He Tried To Convert To Christianity

Reports are saying that the culprits couldn’t be persecuted.

An American missionary has recently been slain by an endangered tribe. According to reports, he bravely went to their remote island with an intention to convert them to Christianity – he ended up getting rained by arrows instead.

27-year-old John Allen Chau went to the North Sentinel Island of the isolated Andaman Islands in India. Apparently, he paid local fisherman to take him there on a boat and then he eventually went there alone using a canoe.

American missionary John Allen Chau, 27, wanted to preach the gospel to an isolated tribe.


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Chinese Police Busts Criminal Gang Selling Fake Durex Recycled From Used Condoms


Chinese authorities busted a counterfeit-condom ring running perhaps one of the most unique salvage operations known to man. The gang made $7 million in recycling used condoms and selling them as new to motels, supermarkets, and vending machines.

Police have arrested 17 people and seized more than 500,000 boxes of counterfeit condoms in a crackdown in Eastern and Central China. The fake rubbers are packed in boxes printed with major brand names like Durex and Okamoto.


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Teenagers Are Setting Themselves On Fire For Likes In New Social Media Challenge

This is the most dangerous social media challenge to date!

Social media challenges are certainly an easy way to boost your popularity, but at what cost? Teenagers are currently setting themselves on fire as part of a dangerous new trend. Unfortunately, most of these children are ending up in the hospital with severe burns and life-threatening injuries.

The Fire Challenge is the new social media craze that is gaining popularity. It was inspired by YouTuber 1BlazinEagle1, who recorded a 2012 video of being doused in alcohol and setting his chest hair on fire. The video has already earned thousands of likes, inspiring aspiring social media stars to copy the act.

The latest social media challenge is ridiculously dangerous yet teenagers keep trying it.


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