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Stranger Interrupts Boy Ignoring Parents To Play ‘Fortnite’ With Amazing Message

It’s a great advice for every family in any situation.

Sometimes the most profound advice comes from unexpected sources. A stranger decided to approach a family having a nice meal at a restaurant. The family happened to have a boy who was ignoring his parents because he was too busy playing Fortnite. Interestingly, the man had a lot to say to the young man.

The video shows the family sitting down for lunch at a restaurant. However, the boy is too focused on his Fortnite game to pay attention to his parents. Not surprisingly, the other customers try to help the mom and dad in dealing with their child. They give various advice on how to make the young man listen to them.

The parents struggle to take the boy’s attention away from his game.

It’s great to see that strangers were trying to help the family deal with their son. However, one particular man took it to another level.

The stranger decided to tell the parents to leave the boy alone for a moment. “All he needs is a moment to himself,” he said. He later introduces himself to the young man and gives him an amazing advice.

“You’re always going to have a chance to play that game, but they’re not going to be there all the time,” the man said, referring to the boy’s parents. “I guess just the moment that y’all together, just enjoy each other.”

Roosevelt introduces himself to the young Fortnite addict.

The man, who introduced himself as Roosevelt, certainly surprised the family with his great advice. However, he was also in for a major surprise himself.

The family was actually part of a show called What Would You Do? The show aimed to see how people would react to a family troubled by their young son’s addiction to Fortnite. Interestingly, Roosevelt has more wisdom to share after realizing he had ended up on the show.

“You can’t just take them off it because they’re already addicted to it. You can’t break that pattern quick,” Roosevelt said. “He’s human, he has feelings, he has things that he’s going through, don’t push him away. Because you’re only going to throw him away and he might go and do the wrong thing.”

Watch the full video below:

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God Is Gender-Neutral, According to Archbishop of Canterbury

“God is not male or female,” said the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Even though the Holy Bible often refers to God as a male, the Archbishop of Canterbury is now saying that’s not exactly accurate. During his speech at Trafalgar Square’s St Martin-in-the-Fields, Reverend Justin Welby made the controversial remarks.

Welby’s teaching has since gone viral – and raised several eyebrows – on social media. Believers and non-believers alike have a lot to say about it, as evidenced by all the comments on the web.

It’s only methaporical, says Reverend Justin Welby!


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Mom Threatens To Give A Black Eye To Any Woman Who Breastfeeds In Front Of Her

She also threatened to punch the feeding baby.

Breastfeeding has always been a natural thing but not all people are thrilled with the idea of feeding boobs to children, especially in public. One woman made it clear how she doesn't approve of public breastfeeding by taking to social media to post a threat to all breastfeeding woman.

In a viral Facebook rant, Carly Clark targeted breastfeeding women, threatening to punch them and give them a black eye if one does it in front of her and her kids. Worse, she even threatened to punch the feeding baby too. As expected, Clark, who reportedly worked at a pet store, has faced backlash for her harsh remarks.


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The Sentinelese Tribe Are Probably So Aggressive Because of This Weirdo

The natives have a valid reason for being extremely hostile towards outsiders.

People are still in shock after the uncontacted Sentinelese tribe ended the life of a Christian missionary who attempted to convert them into Christianity. There is much debate about the tribe's ruthless ways, but there is one thing that may have been misunderstood about these people. The truth is, the natives have actually made contact with the outside world. Unfortunately, their experience has made them wary of outsiders.

Twitter use Respectable Lawyer posted a lengthy thread sharing the truth about the Sentinelese. In the post, it is revealed that the tribe's first contact with an outsider was through Maurice Vidal Portman. Unfortunately, the encounter with the British naval officer during the 1880s had a devastating effect on the natives.

The natives (not pictured) had a terrifying encounter with Portman in the 1880s.


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