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Single Mom Wins Powerball Jackpot And Shares Money With Wounded Veterans

“It’s very important to me that we never forget the sacrifices soldiers and their family members make for our country.”

Lerynne West of Redfield, Iowa has made a national splash as the recent winner of a huge Powerball jackpot. The single mother-of-three won $343.9 million, and she had a fantastic idea on how to share her new-found wealth.

The lucky woman announced on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she would be donating to the Travis Mills Foundation. The organization based in Central Maine supports wounded veterans, an amazing gesture to show gratitude to those who served the country.

West told DeGeneres the unlikely story of how she had just bought her first home in Redfield and took a break from unpacking to get a slice of pizza at Casey’s convenience store and purchased a lottery ticket.

“October 27 was the drawing and October 28 is when I realized that I was a millionaire,” she told Ellen DeGeneres during her November 14 appearance. The host then shared to the audience that West grew up without any money and is a single mom, noting that it’s people like her who deserves to win the lottery.

West then revealed on the show that she’d be donating $500,000 of her winnings to The Travis Mills Foundation. She told Ellen that “It’s very important to me that we never forget the sacrifices soldiers and their family members make for our country.”

As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran with three brothers who also served in the military, giving back to those who serve the country is a cause that’s near to her heart.

In memory of her grandchild, West established a foundation called The Callum Foundation. It will provide to organizations that deal with poverty, education, welfare for animals, and needs of veterans.

West and Robert Bailey of Harlem, New York, split the October 27 Powerball jackpot worth $687 million.

Watch the video below:

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Family Builds ‘Blessing Bike’ For 92-Year-Old Who Loves Bicycle Rides

Such a sweet gift!

When Rosemary Sorce turned 92-years-old, her daughter Jill knew she deserved a meaningful celebration and a present to help her enjoy this season of life. So, Jill and her husband, Wade, created “The Blessing Bike.”

Rosemary enjoys going on bike rides but has found it more and more difficult and increasingly dangerous as she gets older. Now, her family helping her to be able to zoom around town again.


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Little Boy Loses His Mind When Marine Brother Returns After 9 Months Deployment

We just can’t get enough of these sweet reunion moments!

It’s a recurrence now to capture in a video the moment of men and women from the military returning home after months, or even years, and reuniting with their family members. These clips are always filled with emotion and leave the viewer in tears, and this one is no exception.

A little boy had been living missing his older brother for the last nine months. Manuel Rubio went on tour with the United States Marine Corps, leaving his little brother missing their bond. So what’s the best way to make it up for the young boy? Surprise him, of course!


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Billionaire Uses $25 Million Yacht To Bring Supplies To Wildfire Victims

He worked with surfers and paddleboarders to ferry relief goods to the victims on the Malibu shore.

Sometimes tragedies can reveal the most unlikely heroes. A billionaire decided to do what he can to help fellow victims of the recent California wildfires. He loaded up his $25 million yacht with supplies and delivered the goods to affected areas in Malibu.

Howard Leight was also one of the many California residents who was affected by the wildfires. The co-owner of the Malibu Rocky Oaks winery actually worked to save his own property from the blaze. When the vineyard and his two homes were safe, the billionaire turned his attention to the other victims who were helpless against the tragedy.

The billionaire started the hashtag #malibuhope to help fellow wildfire victims.


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