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This Scottish Submarine-Inspired Tiny House Is The Perfect Seaside Escape

It’s like living in your own paradise.

A unique Airbnb will make you want to visit the Scottish Highlands. If you like amazing architecture, then this place is perfect for you. Roderick James Architects has experience when it comes to building treehouse, houseboats, and cabins, so they use this in designing the submarine-inspired tiny house called the Airship 002.

Don’t underestimate its size, then Airship 002 is equipped with all the things that you need. Airship 002 quickly became one of the most popular places to go to in the United Kingdom, after it became available on Airbnb.

Currently, Airship 002 is available as an Airbnb rental for $197 a night.

The Scottish submarine-inspired tiny house is a great place where you can stay, as you explore the area.

The west wing of the Airship 002 has a glorious view of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and the Atlantic Ocean. The East Wing features the beauty of the Isle of Mull.

The tiny cooking area is also a perfect spot for great conversation as a sofa is placed right infront of it.

The view is simply breathtaking.

The submarine-like tiny house is mainly built with insulated aluminum. Despite its small size, the Airship 002 has a shower, double bed, galley, flush, mains electricity, spring water, sitting area, and a balcony.

Airship 002 also features a single bedroom with a four-poster queen-size bed that has storage underneath, a pair of portholes to experience the beauty of the place during nighttime, and a wall-mounted cupboard that you can put your plates, cups, and more.

There’s also an office area where you can gather your thoughts while enjoying the view.

This is like living in your own paradise.

Staying in the Scottish submarine-inspired tiny house is quite an experience as you’ll have peace and quiet while enjoying an expansive view of the mountains and the sea at the same time, thanks to the house’s design.


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