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Scary Things That Happen To Your Body When You Are Dehydrated

#5 is terrifying!

There’s a good reason why we are always advised to drink as much water as possible every day. Dehydration can have some scary side effects on the body that could lead to something worse. Although too much water can be a bad thing, not enough H2O can also have dangerous results.

Dehydration occurs when the body is not getting enough fluids or losing fluid at a rapid pace. Its symptoms include dry skin, sunken eyes, dizziness, confusion, and fainting. Severe dehydration can lead to certain illnesses. Here are the scary things that happen to your body when you are dehydrated.

#1. Dry Skin And Sunken Cheeks

Source: Warner Bros.

As mentioned, the lack of fluids can cause your eyes to appear dark and shadowed. The same thing happens to the cheeks, making you look like the real-life version of the Corpse Bride.

You will also notice that the skin around the eyes feels paper-thin and discolored. Unfortunately, this is the only side effect that can easily get fixed with lotion and a few glasses of water.

#2. Heart Palpitations

The fluttering in your chest might be more than just a reaction to seeing an adorable puppy. It’s a possible sign that you’re dehydrated.

Researchers have found that low fluid intake and electrolyte levels could cause a change in blood pressure. The heart palpitations can also be a low pounding pain in the neck.

#3. Bladder Problems

You might notice that your pee is a darker yellow shade and urination becomes less frequent. However, that’s not the worse that can happen to your bladder.

Dehydrated people are more likely to suffer from urinary tract infection. In addition to that, the lack of fluid could also affect your kidneys.

#4. Kidney Issues

Source: Asia One

We already know that the kidneys help in filtering the body. However, they couldn’t function properly if there is a significant lack of fluids.

The scary effects of dehydration include kidney stones and renal failure. It is rare in adults but shockingly common for children and the elderly.

#5. Not Enough Blood

When you are severely dehydrated, your body is unable to produce enough blood and send the right amount of oxygen to your organs. This could lead to hypovolemic shock.

This is one of the most dangerous side effects of dehydration. Moreover, hypovolemic shock can cause a drop in blood pressure, organ failure, and even brain damage.


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