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Female Astronaut Takes Selfie In Space While Wearing ‘Star Trek’ Uniform

“‘There’s coffee in that nebula’ … ehm, I mean… in that #Dragon,” she wrote in the caption.

This female astronaut has definitely boldly gone where no Star Trek fan has ever gone before! We are, of course, talking about Samantha Cristoforetti, a European astronaut and a certified Trekkie, who rocked a Star Trek uniform and took a selfie while she was in space.

According to reports, the photograph was taken while Cristoforetti was aboard the International Space Station. She later posted the image on her Twitter and it went viral from there.

“‘There’s coffee in that nebula’ … ehm, I mean… in that #Dragon,” said Cristoforetti in her tweet.

Source: Twitter

In the photo, the Dragon space capsule can be seen in the background upon its arrival. A Space article tells us that it carried “4,300 lbs. (1,950 kilograms) of food, scientific experiments and other supplies.”

Cristoforetti’s caption was a direct reference to one of the most iconic dialogues from ‘Star Trek: Voyager.”

In the said live action television series, the memorable line was spoken by Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager in the episode “The Cloud.” Janeway was known for her favorite beverage: black coffee.

Meanwhile, Cristoforetti wasn’t merely quoting Janeway as we learn that the Dragon spacecraft indeed had the first-ever espresso machine. Before the spacecraft’s arrival, astronauts aboard only had powdered instant coffee.

Watch this video feature:

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This wasn’t the first time Cristoforetti expressed her love for the space opera franchise.

Source: Twitter

When actor Leonard Nimoy passed away in February 6, 2015, Cristoforetti posted a photo of herself doing the Vulcan salute.

She wrote:

“Of all the souls I have encountered.. his was the most human. Thx @TheRealNimoy for bringing Spock to life for us.”

Now watch Samnatha Cristoforetti give a talk about her space experience here:

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Isn’t that cool or what? Well, given the chance to explore space, what uniform or costume would you wear, our dear readers? I’d probably rock a Stormtrooper suit but that’s just me. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!


China Plans to Launch a “Fake Moon” to Save on Electricity Costs

They are planning to put the fake moon into orbit by 2020.

In terms of replicating stuff, it seems that China can do it all. From designer clothes to gadgets, there's practically no limit to what the Chinese can copy. This latest venture will only enforce that belief. As the reports tell us, China is planning to create an "artificial moon" that will actually launch into orbit.

For what, you may ask? It's to replace street lights and save on energy costs in the process. According to Chinese scientists, this man-made moon is essentially an illuminated satellite.

They plan to put the fake moon into orbit by 2020.


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“There Is No God,” Wrote Stephen Hawking In His Final Book

“There is no God. No one directs the universe.” – Stephen Hawking

He passed away last March 2018 at the age of 76 but British physicist Stephen Hawking, who is considered as one of his generation’s most brilliant scientists, isn’t done making headlines yet. In his last book published just recently, he discussed several controversial topics.

Entitled "Brief Answers to the Big Questions," the book tackles everything from Hawking’s belief about extraterrestrial life and the possibility of time travel, among many others. He also took time to speak about God and the statement has since gained mixed reaction from the public.

"There is no God. No one directs the universe," reads an excerpt from Stephen Hawking’s final book.


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115,000-Year-Old Bones Reveal Neanderthal Child Was Eaten By A Giant Bird

The story behind Poland’s oldest human remains is a little hard to swallow.

The oldest human remains discovered in Poland were found a few years ago, but it’s only recently that scientists have uncovered the unfortunate fate of the Neanderthal to whom they once belonged. Polish researchers recently identified the fossils as the remains of a human child.

The small hand bones were found in a cave in Southern Poland's Malopolska region, according to Science in Poland, a Polish government-funded site. Researchers recently did a lab analysis of what was first believed to be just animals bones, but some were eventually identified as human bones.


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