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Remote Korowai Tribe In Papua New Guinea Revealed In Stunning Photos

Their lifestyle hasn’t changed much for hundreds of years!

We learn something about the world every day. New photos of the remote Indonesian tribe in Papua New Guinea offers an insight into their everyday life. Interestingly, these people are slowly leaving their treehouses and settling into regular villages.

The Korowai people live in the forests of the Indonesian part of Papua New Guinea. The tribes were disconnected from the outside world until the 1970s. Today, they are beginning to be more accepting of outsiders. However, they still maintain their lifestyle as hunters and gatherers.

An elderly tribe member poses for the camera.

The photos were taken by Russian photographer Maxim Russkikh, who spent plenty of time with the Korowai. His amazing photos appear to confirm that the people are thriving yet endangered.

“Korowai have managed to survive in the harsh environment of the rainforest over thousands of years keeping its traditional culture alive. And it seems like right now they are disappearing day by day. They are surrounded by the dozens of missionary villages supported by the Indonesian government with the only purpose to introduce the western culture and spiritual values.”

Russkikh might be right. It was previously revealed that the Korowai have been putting on a show for tourists. The tribe reportedly built a treehouse for the sole purpose of being filmed by a BBC show.

The remote tribe continues to hunt and gather their own food.

Russikikh believes that the Korowai’s way of life needs to be preserved.

“Hundreds of Korowai have moved already from the jungles to newly constructed missionary settlements and more are coming. Often believing that the tribes are ‘primitive’ and living pitiful lives ‘in the dark’, the missionaries’ ultimate aim is to convert them to Christianity.

“There are less than a hundred uncontacted small tribes around the world and they need to be protected by international law. Uncontacted tribes are the most vulnerable people on earth, especially in West Papua, and they need to survive.”


Father Complains About Son Being Threatened For Wearing Hitler Costume

The boy was reportedly harassed by “grown adults” who were “screaming obscenities.”

It's never a good thing when a child is being threatened. A father recently complained about his son being harassed while they were out getting treats for Halloween. However, the man may have overlooked the fact that he had dressed the boy as Hitler. In addition to that, he himself was wearing a Nazi soldier costume.

Bryant Goldbach took to Facebook to complain about his 5-year-old son being threatened as they went trick-or-treating. He stated that the boy was harassed by "grown adults" who "threatened to rip his outfit off of him screaming obscenities, scareing [sic] a small child." However, Goldbach barely got sympathy for his post considering that their costumes offended several people.

These costumes certainly raised several eyebrows.


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Kindergarten Class Surprises Deaf Custodian By Learning To Sign ‘Happy Birthday’

His reaction will warm even the coldest of hearts.

This might be the cutest birthday greeting you'll see today. The adorable kindergarten students at a Tennessee elementary decided to surprise their hearing-impaired custodian by singing "Happy Birthday" for him. However, the surprise got better as they began to sign their greeting along with their song.

James Anthony has worked for Hickerson Elementary for several years. The hard-working custodian is partially deaf but can read lips. Although he didn't have anything grand planned for his 60th birthday, the teachers of two kindergarten classes decided to give him an awesome treat. They taught the children how to sign "Happy Birthday" to surprise Anthony.

These kindergarteners are giving Anthony one of the best surprises of his life.


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School Bans Bags So Student Carries Books In A Microwave

Well, they left him no choice.

U.K. teenager Jacob Ford thought his school’s new policy banning backpacks in the hallways was “ridiculous.” So instead of following the rule, he decided to do something he thought was equally ridiculous - taking his books and supplies to class in a microwave.

Ford disagreed with the new policy at Spalding Grammar School and staged a silent protest. Not only did he carry his books in a microwave oven, but he also wrote a lengthy note titled: “Bags in Sixth Form - My Thoughts and A Potential Solution.” He then gave the 3,000-word “document of defense” to the headteacher Steven Wilkinson and some faculty members.


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