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24 Cakes That Are So Realistic It’s Hard To Believe You Can Eat Them

#4 is jaw-dropping!

Cakes are perfect for celebrations, gifts, or if you’re just craving for a dessert. While most cakes are just shaped round or square, some people have taken things to a whole new level and turned them into a masterpiece.

In fact, these very creative cakes are so popular right now that you will see them at weddings, birthdays, events, and more. However, some are just so realistic that it’s hard to believe that you can actually eat them. Here are 24 cakes that look so amazingly real.

1. Mother and baby elephant just casually walking around.

2. When someone said that they wanted the cake to be a reflection of themselves. Wish granted!

3. It’s just too real and too beautiful to eat. Phillip Carlyle might get upset. Get it? Good.

4. If you were wondering just how big some castle cakes are compared to a person.

5. When the cake looks more like an oil painting.

6. This should be displayed in a museum.

7. Fantasy has never been so delicious.

8. Made for and given to Rita Ora at her album launch party! #Twinning

9. The ribbon looks like it’s floating in the wind. You can actually feel the breeze.

10. True magic is in a piece of cake.

11. I wish they make Spam Musubi this big.

12. Cake masters can turn cakes into anything — even a chandelier!

13. When you love books so much that you want to eat them.

14. The perfect cake when your birthday lands on Thanksgiving.

15. Those eyes are just going to follow me around all day.

16. When you can’t choose between pizza and cake.

17. The only mime that we enjoy looking at.

18. Yes, that is a working Ferris wheel.

19. Sending love from down under!

20. He looks so bubbly and cute!

21. This was probably based on a true story.

22. Who would ever dare ruin this cake?

23. The best kind of fish are the ones you don’t need to feed.

24. This is beyond beautiful!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.


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