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Police Officer Pulls Over To Play Catch With Boy Throwing Football Alone

This is going to be one of the sweetest things you’ll see today!

Most of the time, people rely on surveillance cameras to catch unwanted activity on their property. However, a South Carolina family’s security camera recently caught a touching act of service by a local Summerville police officer, who is now being praised for his good deed.

These days kids are usually playing their video games and as for the grown-ups, well, they are pretty busy with life to grab a football and toss it around. But that being said, there are still some kids who love to head outside to play.

Officer T. Bilancione was on patrol when he noticed a boy in his front yard tossing a football by himself. The surveillance camera then showed the officer getting out of the vehicle and motions for the boy to throw the ball his way so they can have a proper game of catch.

The parents of the boy were very touched by this act of kindness. And according to media sources, they sent a note to the Summerville Police Department to show it.

The dad wrote:

“My son was throwing the football up to himself in the yard, and your officer noticed and stopped to play for a couple minutes. This made my son’s day, and I wanted this officer to know…. he rocks!!!”

The Summerville Police Department posted the video on its Facebook page, and wrote:

“We would like to throw a shout out to one of our outstanding Police Officers, FTO. T. Bilancione, who was captured on surveillance camera outside of a resident’s home tossing the football with a boy.”

The department then added the text message of the boy’s parents on the post. They then thanked all of the men and women that are part of the Summerville Police Department team for their service and hard work. At the end of the post, they added the hashtag #SPDPRIDE.

Watch the video here:

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‘Look Maggie, I’m Walking!’ Toddler With Spina Bifida Proudly Tells Dog His Achievement

Way to go, Roman!

In what might just be the sweetest viral video of all time, a toddler with Spina Bifida can be seen learning how to walk and showing off his newfound skill to his dog. The way he proudly shouts his accomplishments to his beloved pup is a guaranteed heart-melter.

Two-year-old Roman Dinkel has defied the odds by walking despite his birth defect. The young boy was diagnosed with spina bifida, myelomeningocele L3-S2, on his 20-week ultrasound.


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Runner With Broken Leg Crawls On Bleeding Knees To Finish Relay

This is so hard to watch.

A Japanese runner fractured her during a relay marathon in Fukuoka, Japan. But instead of giving up, Rei Iida bravely crawled so she could finish her part.

The shocking scene occurred at the Princess Ekiden All-Japan Inter-Company Women’s qualifying race in Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture. In the video, the runner can be seen running in the race. The next scene, however, showed a different scenario as she was now crawling her way to tag and pass the sash to her teammate.


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Woman Donates Wedding Venue To Couple After Calling Off Engagement

“It was overwhelming … I had so many emotions that day.”

Bride-to-be Kolbie Sanders was scheduled to marry on October 20, at the Bellevue Wedding and Event Venue in Tyler, Texas. But just one week before her impending nuptials, she broke off her engagement and took to Facebook to share a now-viral announcement.

Kolbie took to the popular social media platform and told her friends that she wanted to donate her venue, which was valued at $3,500. But there was one catch: she only had 24 hours to find the couple — and they would have to agree to the same wedding date of Oct. 20.


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