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Student Invents ’Airbag’ That Automatically Protects Your Phone When You Drop It

This is the end of cracked phone screens!

Dropping your precious smartphone and seeing its screen cracked can be a big headache. Although there are possible solutions to the problem, prevention, as they say, is always much better than cure.

This is exactly what we get from a groundbreaking invention that recently gained viral attention online. 25-year-old Philip Frenzel, a master’s student from Germany’s Aalen University, created a “smartphone airbag” that saves your device from damage when you drop it.

The “mobile airbag” (or “active damping” case) detects when your phone is falling.

The sensors then activate four springs that “unfold and poke out in two directions, preventing the phone from hitting the ground,” reported FOX News. You can then safely pick your device up and fold the “thin metal curls back inside the case.”

Frenzel’s unique invention was awarded by the German Society for Mechatronics.

In a statement posted online, Prof. Rolf Biesenbach, chairman of the German Society for Mechatronics, praised the “airbag” writing:

“In his thesis, Philip Frenzel impressively shows how a mechatronics engineer systematically and purposefully approaches a problem and develops a technically feasible and economically viable solution.”

Naturally, Frenzel is hoping to make the product available to the general public.

The invention is currently patent-pending and Frenzel plans to post it on crowdfunding site Kickstarter soon. He likewise shared that it took him four years before he was able to complete the project and his inspiration was his personal experiences since he’s cracked some of his phones in the past as well.

“We want to be able to finance our livelihood with it,” admitted Frenzel. “In short, we hope for a hype.”

Watch the video here to see the device in action:

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The “airbag,” however, does not guarantee 100% protection since dropping your phone on an uneven surface may still lead to damage. Still, it’s way better to have one if you want to enjoy greater peace of mind.


Pitu App Is Harvesting A Lot Of Your Personal Data, Experts Warn

Love editing photos using Pitu? You might want to think twice!

We’ve been seeing a lot of Pitu-edited photos on social media lately. While the images are undoubtedly fun and entertaining, tech experts actually have something to say about the Chinese app.

Actually, according to IT Engineer Patrick Jhan Fababeir, Pitu does more than allow you to edit and animate your selfies easily. If you will look at the app’s settings, you will discover something suspicious about it.

Apparently, photo animation and editing app Pitu does more than edit your pictures.


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Emirates Envisions Windowless Planes To Be The Future Of Flying

Windowless planes would reduce costs for airlines and consumers due to lower fuel consumption.

Would you travel on a windowless plane? Emirates has been experimenting with new technology and you could find yourself booking a flight with a virtual window seat in the future.

It might sound like a nightmare for those who have claustrophobia, but a new design from the airline plans to remove windows from aircraft. This idea was already tested in Emirates’ Boeing 777 last year with its first class cabin, where it has virtual windows in the middle suites.

The "windows" use real-time fiber-optic camera technology to provide virtual views of the outside world....

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Student Controls iPhone With His Eyes

Using your fingers is a thing of the past.

First, there are the keypads, then the touchscreen, and now all you need are your eyes to control your smartphone. Now, it seems that you don't even need your fingers while using your phone anymore, as a scholarship student Matt Moss discovered a brand new possibility when he attended this year’s edition of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Matt was able to test out Apple’s iOS 12 developer beta and started to play around with it. While doing so, the student found out that the ARKit 2.0, which is a augmented reality platform, offered up an exciting technology.

Controlling your phone with your thumbs could soon become a thing of the past.


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