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How Would You Like To Sleep While Hugging This Giant Cockroach Pillow?

We all know someone who’d HATE this pillow with a vengeance!

Do you hate cockroaches, too? Who doesn’t, right? Well if you share our dislike with these creepy crawlies, we’re sure you’d cringe about this pillow we’ve spotted online just recently.

According to reports we’ve gathered online, a store from Thailand has been selling “Peter the Cockroach,” a giant, stuffed pillow that’s, yes, shaped exactly like that much-hated insect!

The pillow looks very accurate and disgustingly realistic.

As can be seen on the photos, the Peter pillows all have those fine details, ranging from their “two long antennae, six spiky legs, wings, and that classic cockroach shininess,” wrote 9GAG.

Strangely, we see a woman (and later on with her partner) giving the weird pillow some good snuggling, as if it was a pet – or a child!

Congratulations, it’s a baby… cockroach!

It’s even available in two different designs.

We initially saw this bizare item through a Facebook post by The Idea King on their page and judging from the comment section alone, it sure looks like the pillows have grossed out lots of netizens in Thailand and elsewhere.

This would likely give me a morning heart attack if I saw it on the floor upon waking up.

Peter the Cockroach definitely makes a perfect gift for those who are terrified of roaches!

Would you buy one of these pillows? Or does it freak you out too much?

Well just in case you are curious, you can purchase Peter (which is being marketed online as a “cute cockroach doll” – geez!) via the official Mheemeekhong website. It’s being sold for the sale price of ฿555 (approximately US$17) per piece down from its original cost of ฿890.

We’re assuming sales isn’t doing that good? Well your guess is as good as ours!


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