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Old Man Braves Heavy Rain To Sell Vegetables

His family’s food for the day probably depends on his sales that day.

When the heavy rain starts to pour, most people have smiles on their faces because that would mean classes and work will be suspended. However, things are way different for other people who do not go to school or have the white collar jobs.

Just like an old man in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, who had to brave the harsh rain just to sell vegetables. This is a heartbreaking reminder for all of us that not all people rejoice or benefit from the heavy downpour.

His family’s food for the day probably depends on his sales that day.

Netizen Anne Lorraine Olarte shared the photo of the old vendor, who is determined on selling the vegetables despite the rain. Knowing the fact that the goods will not be fresh the following day that could cause him to lose income, he continued to sell them with just an umbrella to protect himself from the bad weather.

On her post, Olarte wrote:

“Kawawa naman si tatay kahit malakas ang ulan kanina nagtitinda pa rin siya ng gulay. Ingat ka po lagi tatay. God bless you po.” (Poor old man. Despite the heavy rain, he was still selling vegetables. Take care always. God bless you.)

Olarte's post quickly became viral.

After sharing the photo on social media, the post had been shared more than 50,000 times. Compassion then poured for the old man as evident in the comments section.

Others urged people who live nearby to buy the old man’s vegetables. Many are also concerned about the vendor’s health after battling the heavy rain. They hoped that he would stay healthy and not get sick.

Netizens then started to tag the country’s popular reality programs Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS) and Rated K, which are known for featuring inspiring stories and helping those who are in need. Both shows have not picked up the story yet as of this writing.


Three-Legged Dog Called ‘Ringo’ Wins In Odd-Defying Weiner Race

If you like underdog stories, you’d probably love this one.


People tend to root for the underdog in almost every type of competition. This may be because they have it the hardest with the challenge of filling the biggest gap among the competitors either in capacity or talent. And this fact is presented quite literally during a dog race in Minnesota.

Recently, folks from Shakopee, Minnesota gathered at Canterbury Park to witness intense horse races in the locality. Because these races can be quite heated, the management of the park came up with an interesting event to serve as an intermission while the audience waits for the next horse race laps called the “Dachshund Dash.”

Because of their short legs, watching the adorable dogs run about in a horse race track can be quite amusing. However, it became even more meaningful when a literal underdog entered the picture....

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Husband Carries Disabled Wife On His Back To Show Her The World

“The world is so big and I want to take her to see it so that she will not leave with any regrets.”

A Chinese man took his vows to heart and went above and beyond for his beloved wife. When Wang Xiaomin promised to be there for his wife for sickness and in health, he truly meant it.

The 57-year-old was recently spotted carrying his disabled wife on his back, going down from the summit of Huangshan, a Unesco World Heritage Site located in Anhui province. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country.

Wang strapped his wife to his back using a harness so they could travel and see places together.


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Man Cycles From Poland To Croatia To See The Adriatic Sea Before He Goes Blind

So inspirational!

There are so many things that we want to do in our lives, but we oftentimes push them aside because we feel that we still have a lot of time to pursue them anyway. But what if you find out that you don’t have that luxury anymore?

Just like Marcin Zarnecki, for example. He was told that he had only a few weeks left before going blind, so he suddenly felt the need to do something he wouldn’t be able to do anymore in the future.

Marcin has limited time before he goes completely blind.


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