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10 Odd But Awesome Jobs You Can Take This Summer

Here are some unusual jobs to help you earn money this summer.

Summer is not just for a fun day at the beach but now that school’s out, it’s also an opportunity for youngsters to earn some money on the side. The usual summer jobs involve painting houses, mowing the lawn and waitressing. But who says you can’t do other unusual gigs?

Work experience during summer teaches teens about responsibility. At the same time, they get to make money for themselves. Need some inspiration? Here are 10 unusual summer jobs that pay off well.

#1. Movie theater attendant

Selling tickets, cleaning and concessions are pretty easy tasks that may not pay that much but still can be fun. Not only that, as an employee, you’ll get some perks like free movies. You’ll also know the good films that are coming out.

#2. Fireworks stand

The 4th of July is a great opportunity to make some money on the side. By working at firework stands before, during and after the holiday, you get to earn more if you have more to sell as people are crazy about fireworks at that time.

#3. Lifeguard

To qualify as a lifeguard, one should pass a swimming test. Keep in mind that a lifeguard spends most of the time wearing a swimsuit. He or she should also be alert and vigilant at all times – which means no time to check on your social media notifications. If one performs his or her duty well, there’s a chance of getting invited to become a lifeguard all year round.

#4. Dog walker

If you love dogs, why not offer your services as a dog walker. You get to spend time with your favorite animal, be active and earn cash. Keep in mind that dog walking not only works as a part-time job. It can become a business too.

#5. Camp counselor

Children still need to do worthwhile things even when school is out. Parents often send their kids to summer camp. And what better way to earn than to join the camp as a counselor? To become a counselor, one should know how to have fun with kids.

#6. Jewelry business

Making your own creations is a great business and jewelry making happens to be a lucrative one. Etsy is a popular platform to sell your own creations.

#7. Selling drinks

Remember those kids profiting from a simple lemonade stand in the neighborhood? You can do that too and you always have the option to be creative with your drinks. You can make different flavored juices and sell baked goods while you’re at it.

#8. Work as a handyman

Source: Pixabay

There’s always going to be a need for a handyman because people will always need help with things around the house at some point.

#9. Tutor

Being a tutor is a great job if you love to be around kids and have passion for teaching. The schedule is flexible and it pays pretty good. There are also tutoring jobs found online if you can’t find one in your area.

#10. Arcade attendant

Working in an arcade is a great way to spend your summer – that is if you like the ambiance of one. You can enjoy different games and munch a variety of snacks. You also get to have the perks of playing games for free or at a discounted price.


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