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New Zealand Town For Sale For Less Than Most NYC Apartments

Why settle for a little apartment when you can purchase an entire town?

Are you looking for a new home with an amazing view and plenty of space? You might want to consider moving to New Zealand. An entire town in the South Island is currently up for grabs for a cool $1.8 million. That’s considerably cheaper than a high-rise apartment in New York City.

Lake Waitaki Village in Waitaki, Otago was built in the 1930s to house dam workers in the area. However, the New Zealand town was abandoned in the 1980s, leaving behind a colorful property by the lake. The location has a “refurbished main Lodge with owners accommodation, reception area, billiards room, and formal lounge.” Its idyllic spot places you between the mountains and the scenic Lake Waitaki.

Ready to buy your own little town in New Zealand?

Source: Trade Me

The property also has “eight 3-bedroom houses and a 190 sq/m cafe/bar with rimu and mahogany detailing and full commercial kitchen.” With some renovation, the town can easily be converted into resort or rest stop for outdoor travelers.

“It is located approximately 50 minutes drive from the township of Oamaru in an area renowned for summer holiday fun and water activities,” the description reads.

If you’re not quite convinced just yet, the nearest town also has penguin colonies. This means you’re getting a fantastic view from every angle and have the chance to hang out with penguins any day.

It’s a perfect spot for relaxation and tranquility.

Source: Take Me

Getting ready to purchase an entire town? It’s only $1.8 million but there’s also a catch. The property is only available to native New Zealanders. The country has reportedly banned foreign housing so only a resident can buy property.

It’s a small price to pay for a scenic little town but it’s certainly a great deal. After all, who wouldn’t want to move to the country that played Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings films? It might finally be time to move to New Zealand this year.


Family Auctions 17-Year-Old Daughter’s Virginity To Rich Businessman on Facebook

The ‘virgin bride’ was traded for 500 cows, 3 luxury cars and $10,000.

By moral and modern standards, we all know that it is wrong for a family to ‘auction’ their daughter to interested men. The unfortunate fact of the matter, however, is that yes, such things are still happening today – and one recent case even happened in social media.

According to reports, a 17-year-old girl from South Sudan was sold by her family to a wealthy businessman for 500 cows, 3 luxury cars and $10,000. The transaction took place on Facebook.

The girl’s photo was posted online and it mentioned that five men participated in the auction.


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Shocking Video Shows Five-Story Building Casually Floating Down The River

Well, this is something you don’t see every day.

In this modern world, there really are a lot of amazing, shocking, and bizarre things that are happening around us. Thanks to technology, most of these moments are captured on video and shared on all sorts of social media platforms.

Recently, residents in Chongqing, China looked out their window and saw a five-story building casually floating down the Yangtze river. Many were so amazed but wondered how a structure that big could cruise down the river like it was a boat without even sinking in the water?


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Bishop Claims He Can Make Men’s Penises Larger By Massaging Them

I’m sure that works temporarily.

Bishop Daniel Obinim performs a ritual on men that he says he can enlarge their penis through "the spiritual realm.” Obinim says he can offer the enlargement service with the power of God and a video has been revealed showing his hands-on work.

The Ghanaian pastor has been filmed performing the ritual where he moves around a room full of men, grabbing them each by the crotch. In some cases, he will keep hold of their private part and give them a little shake.


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