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Muslim Preacher Declares Anyone Celebrating Christmas Will Go To Hell

I don’t understand this kind of hate.

Christmas is just right around the corner and a lot of people are already getting ready for the holiday. However, one preacher is trying to stop these festivities.

Nassim Abdi, a Western Sydney preacher from the Saudi-funded Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Association, said commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ is more dreadful than other sinful acts. In fact, he declared that anyone who will celebrate Christmas would go to hell.

Nassim Abdi used the Arabic term for polytheism, “shirk,” to describe the idea of acknowledging Christianity.

He said:

“Shirk is much worse than committing a sin. A person believes in Christmas; he goes to Jahannam for eternity.”

The Salafist fundamentalist, who follows a seventh-century version of Sunni Islam, added that acknowledging Christmas was even worse than drinking alcohol, which is prohibited in Islam and having premarital sex, known as zina.

“For you to celebrate Christmas is worse than for you to drink alcohol and commit zina.”

However, Abdi isn’t the only ASWJ leader speaking ill of the holy day, Wollongong-based sheik Jamil El Biza told his Facebook followers on Christmas Day in 2017 that they should not wish Christians a Merry Christmas for the sake of pleasing Allah.

He said:

“I’d rather be resurrected on the day of judgment, with the fact I made a few hundred million unhappy with me because I refuse to say ‘Merry Christmas,’ rather than being brought forward before Allah and having to explain to him why I congratulated a Christian who worships Jesus as lord.”

The senior leader of the ASWJ in Australia also told Muslims that observing non-Muslim events, such as the Easter Show in Sydney is considered sinful.

“Is it part of the sharia? Are we allowed to entertain ourselves with celebrations that are built on non-Muslim concepts? If you go on the belief, ‘I just want to join in and have the fun, you know, just have a night out, and enjoy myself but I don’t believe in all this nonsense’, that’s a major sin. It’s a what? It’s a major sin.”

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