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Mom Speaks Out About Breastfeeding Her Nine-Year-Old Daughter

“We have such a close bond, and I’m convinced it’s because of breastfeeding her for so long.”

The topic of breastfeeding, for better or worse, remains a controversial one — especially when it comes to discussing how long it should go on. Most of the time, children had already stopped taking breastmilk from their mother at a very early age. However, that’s not always the case.

A mother from the United Kingdom revealed that her daughter reached the age of nine before she stopped breastfeeding her. Sharon Spink breastfed her daughter Charlotte for nine years and insisted that the act is purely normal and it even gave her and her child a special bond.

Sharon said:

“When I came to have Charlotte, I had decided on natural term weaning. It’s nice for the child to be in control of when they want to wean, rather than forcing the issue.”

The 50-year-old mom explained that it was her child’s decision to keep feeding on her milk. It was also Charlotte who decided to stop taking her mother’s milk eight weeks ago, a decision that was supported by Sharon.

The mother-of-four shared:

“She was feeding about once a month if she wasn’t feeling great or was feeling a bit run down, and was going longer and longer without feeding.”

The mom noted that her daughter said she would stop when she turned 10 years old. However, the longing eventually stopped for her daughter and ended earlier than they both expected. The mother shared that if her daughter wanted to breastfeed longer than 10 years old, she would allow it.

Despite the backlash she received from critics, she claimed that this developed a close bond between her and her daughter.

“I just hope when she’s older she’ll remember that feeling of comfort and security it gave her rather than it being about feeding.

Sharon credits her close bond with her daughter in breastfeeding her for a longer period of time.


‘Manly’ App Allows Men To Add ‘Instant Abs and Muscles’ For Their Selfies

Instead of exercising, some guys are just using this app!

Yes, we all know that having a good-looking six-pack requires a lot of hard work and discipline. But would you jump on the chance to have it in a much easier way?

Apparently, there is one smartphone app out there that allows you to have those sweet, sweet ‘abs’ in no time. However, people are divided about their opinions on it.

The ‘Manly’ app lets men ‘photoshop’ muscles – even tattoos and facial hair – on their selfies so they can look, well, manlier.


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Hairstylist Creates Updated Mullet That People Can’t Stop Talking About

Business in the front, party in the back, with a twist!

Sometimes art is just too weird to understand. A hairstylist has decided that it's time to bring back the mullet and turn it into this year's biggest hair trend. However, his update on the 90s hairstyle is getting mixed reactions.

John Vial is a hairstylist based in London, England. He is the co-founder of Salon Sloane and the man responsible for the interesting new take on the mullet. Although it is unclear what inspired Vial to update the infamous hairstyle, it's clear that his new take on the mullet is becoming popular on the internet.

Would you consider getting this updated mullet?


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“Stop Asking Couples When They Are Having Kids,” Pleads Mom on Facebook

“You never know what’s going on!”

It’s a question that’s often asked with good intentions but comes out wrong in the long run: “When are you having kids?” Ask any couple about it and they’d definitely tell you it’s not an easy one to answer.

In most cases, the answer could be really complicated that couples do not feel comfortable talking about it in public. One mother from Melbourne, Australia took it upon herself to discourage others from asking couples such a personal question.


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