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Mom Freaks Out When 2-Month-Old Grows A Fang Overnight

This is strange.

Tara O’Brien went to check on her baby boy Oscar after a long sleep during the night. But when he wouldn’t stop crying one morning, she went to feed him only to discover that a giant spiked tooth grew out.

The Irish mom was shocked when she saw her little one, who is barely two and a half months old, grew a tooth overnight. But it is not just a simple small tooth – it is actually a sharp fang just like the ones vampires have.

Tara said:

“I went into him around 7 am. I usually give him a soother, and he goes back asleep for an hour, but he kept crying.

“So I took him out and changed him, but when I went to feed him, I found the tooth in his mouth. It had grown overnight.”

She then rushed baby Oscar to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital – but doctors spent more time discussing what it was rather than working out the best solution for the newborn. Not happy with the treatment her son received from the hospital, O’Brien took him to the nearby Temple Street Hospital, where doctors arranged for a dentist to take the phantom tooth out.

Tara shared that while the vampire-looking tooth scared them at first, they now see the funny side of it, especially that the time of the interview was during Halloween.

She added that dentists took photos of the spikey tooth, she plans to show it to Oscan when he gets older.

It is still a mystery to Tara on how her child grew a fang despite being so young to have a tooth. Still, it is a relief for her to see that her baby is in normal condition again. Maybe baby Oscar would grow some normal baby teeth at the right time.


Couple Finds $18k Worth Of Diamond Rings In A $2 Board Game, Returns Treasure To Owners

“We are just standing there looking at each other like holy sh*t is this for real.”

A young Aussie couple has made an incredible discovery inside a $2 board game box. Chris Lightfoot and Mandy Flack decided to have a quiet night with their parents and play a board game. This decision will soon make them viral.

Chris and his girlfriend Mandy moved from Sydney to Toronto, Canada, earlier this year. They came across a game of enigmas called Mind Trap in an op-shop that they could play with their family. However, they ended up discovering six diamond rings hidden inside.


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77-Year Old Woman Drank Nothing But Pepsi For the Last 60 Years

“I have never drank water – and even if I was dying [of thirst] no way would I.”

So much has been said about the harmful effects of consuming sodas and softdrinks frequently, given the high sugar content. But when someone who managed to reach the ripe old age of 77 admits that she drank the sugary beverage everyday, for the past 60 years, well, it may lead you to rethink your beliefs.

Jackie Page from Carshalton, Surrey in the UK discloses that she drinks up to four cans of Pepsi daily, ever since had her first can way back in 1954. She was just 13 years old then.

She drinks up to four cans everyday!


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Family Lives With Massive Crocodile As House Pet

His owner’s mother even considers the crocodile as one of her grandkids!

Most people are satisfied with taking care of a dog or a cat. However, a family in Indonesia have a truly amazing pet. They have been living with a massive 200kg crocodile for the past 21 years.

Kojek the crocodile is the beloved pet of Irwan of Bogor, West Java in Indonesia. He regularly scrubs the reptile's whole body, washes its pool, and brushes its teeth. Although Irwan's family was initially unsure about keeping the croc, they have all grown to love Kojek.

Meet Kojek, a crocodile who has been living as a house pet for 21 years.


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