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Mom Demands Volunteer Swimming Instructor To Charge Other Parents And Give Her The Money

Wait, I’m confused.


A lot of people have shared their good and bad experiences on social media, and some even became viral. But just when you thought that you have already read it all, this particular story is so shocking that you won’t believe it’s true.

A swimming teacher from Southern India who offers lessons for free received numerous text messages from a mother who wants her to teach her son how to swim. Here’s where it got ridiculous, she demanded that the swimming instructor should teach her son exclusively and that she should charge other parents for the lesson and give her the money.

Wait. What?

The teacher, Reddit user u/pretent_its_witty, shared the screenshots of her exchange with the single mom, who she referred to as “Aunty.”

The first message was not out of the ordinary. The mom asked if there was still room for the class, to which the instructor replied that she does. The mom then made sure that the swimming class is free of charge because she’s a single mom and couldn’t afford to pay a fee.

But the teacher was still in the office when the mom was texting her, so she explained can’t reply right away to her inquiries. But the mom considered it as “rude” behavior. Despite the unnecessary comment, the teacher remained calm.

However, what began as a request went on to become demands. And when things did not work out for the single mom, she shamed the swimming teacher with absolutely degrading comments.

Although the teacher explained multiple times that she already canceled the swimming lesson, the single mom kept on pushing her to do it for her son. She even called the teacher “selfish.”

She then went on to say that the teacher is so “privileged” that she didn’t even have to charge the parents for teaching their kids because she doesn’t need money.

With that said, the single mom found a perfect solution to that, which would benefit nobody else but her. She demanded the swimming teacher to start charging the other parents and give her the money!

Understandably, the teacher stopped replying, but that annoyed the mom even more.


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