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Miracle Baby Whose Heart Stopped For 22 Minutes Celebrates First Birthday

Happy birthday, Little Lacey!

This infant truly is a miracle. A premature baby whose heart stopped twice for a total of 22 minutes has been through a lot in her life. However, she has just celebrated her first birthday as a healthy child.

Lacey Sherriff was prematurely born at only 27 weeks. The infant only weighed 1.4lb (635g) but she already suffered two cardiac arrests while undergoing emergency surgery. She was only five days old at the time. Lacey’s little heart stopped twice during the procedure. However, the feisty little baby proved she was a fighter and kept coming back to fight for her life.

Little Lacey was reportedly “smaller than an iPad” when she was born.

Lacey was born at St Peter’s Hospital via emergency Caesarean section. However, she was immediately transferred to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South London so she could be treated for a severe bowel condition called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Lacey was only five days old at the time.

The surgeons struggled to keep Lacey alive. During the procedure, her heart first stopped for 12 minutes then another 10 minutes. Luckily, the doctors were able to stabilize her.

The surgeons were clearly impressed with little Lacey who fought to survive. Dr Thomas Breen, who operated on the miracle baby said she was “clearly a fighter.”

The miracle baby with her proud parents and the St Georges medical team.

Lacey’s struggles didn’t end after the first surgery. The tiny infant had to undergo another procedure when she was 13 days old.

Luckily, there were no complications and Lacey was discharged from the hospital after 111 days.

The miracle baby had just celebrated her first birthday. Needless to say, her parents Louise and Philip Sherriff are proud of their little girl. They also credit the St Georges medical team for their amazing effort to save their daughter’s life.

“My daughter wouldn’t be celebrating her first birthday if it wasn’t for the staff at St George’s. The care from the moment we arrived to when we left was phenomenal. I can’t fault it,” Louise said.


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