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Hilarity Ensues After Guy Tries To Do ‘Invisible Prank’ On His Mom

You don’t mess around with a Mexican mom!

If you’ll do some searching on YouTube, you’ll notice a growing number of invisible prank videos. This recently happened after the elaborate invisible prank done by magician Justin Wilman for the Netflix show Magic for Humans has gone viral on social media because of how amazing and hilarious it was.

Now we’ve seen another one that has literally made us laugh out loud so much that we thought we’d share it with all of you, our dear readers. We bet you’ll like this one too, although it definitely isn’t as epic as the above-mentioned prank.

This guy tried doing the invisible prank on his Mexican mom.

After saying a magic spell, he pretended he couldn’t see her anymore.

He even had a picture taken just to prove it (which was, of course, taken earlier way before his performance).

Unfortunately for him, his mom isn’t gullible and hilarity ensued because of how epic her reaction was .

Uploaded on Facebook by the Hispanics Be Like page, the short video has since attracted millions of views from netizens across the world. The story has likewise been picked up by various websites simply because of how funny it was and how popular it has become.

Watch the video here to see what happened:

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Understandably, most netizens are very much amused with what they’ve seen and the comments are definitely a proof of that.

One wrote:

“The good ole, ‘grab whatever is closest to you and smack your kid with it’ ahaha I loved that game, the things you get beat with are endless that you don’t know what you’ll get.”

Another pointed out:

“Did anyone else notice how she threw the lid back on the pot like a champ?!?”


Crazy Guy Shows Us How NOT To Make An Electric Guitar

An electric guitar is “just a combination of guitar and electricity,” according to this guy.

Perhaps one of the most amazing things about the internet is that you can always look for useful hacks and how-to’s about anything anytime. Need to learn how to tie a neck tie? Want to know how to cut an onion without getting teary-eyed? Having trouble assembling your new desktop computer? Name it, you’ll surely find a good tutorial somewhere out there on the web!

There are certain instances, however, when you encounter odd “how not-to” videos that show you the exact opposite. Case in point, this video we recently found on social media is a complete fail it’s extremely hilarious.

This guy shows us how NOT to make an electric guitar!


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Dad Shows Daughter How To Ride A Bike And Instantly Regrets It

Well, that escalated quickly.

Riding a bike might be easy for some, but others are not that lucky to get the hang of it right away. Some started out with training wheels, but some parents believed that their kids are already old enough to ride a regular bike.

Since kids nowadays are obsessed with gadgets and don’t go out and play as much as before anymore, seeing this young kid trying to learn how to ride a bike is like a breath of fresh air. However, it has a funny ending.


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Two Fish Spitting Sand On Each Other In Hilarious Battle

Usually, fights aren’t very funny but this one is genuinely LOL-worthy.

People nowadays share their anger, frustrations, and disappointments on social media. Some would rather just speak their mind on Instagram, Twitter, and other famous platforms, than talk with the person face to face — but not these two fish.

Two gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals wanted their feelings to be known by the other very clearly right then and there. Since they obviously didn’t have the capacity to share their rant on social media themselves, a netizen decided to post their battle for them instead.


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