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10 of the Most Memorable Game Show Contestants EVER

Most are smart and lucky, one’s a bad cheater who ended in jail!

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy viewing watching game shows. They’re entertaining, educational, and, of course, very thrilling to watch. But have you ever imagine what it’s like to actually join one? It usually takes a combination of genius and sheer luck to join and win in these contests.

The people below are some of the most memorable contestants ever in game show history and while most of them will be remembered in a positive light, one of them actually ended up behind bars for committing fraud in front of national TV.

Read on and check out their fascinating stories:

#1. A Lucky Pregnant Woman

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Back in 2008, pregnant contestant Jessica Robinson became the first Deal or No Deal grand winner after taking home $1 million. She refused banker’s offers over and over again until she won the jackpot.

Also, she’ll forever be remembered for declaring, “I got Texas guts, y’all!”

#2. The Price Is Exactly Right

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Also in 2008, Terry Kniess, a weatherman from Las Vegas, made history on 38-year game show The Price Is Right after correctly guessing the exact price of a Showcase amounting to $23,743. His secret? He was a big fan of the show and did lots of research in advance. The showrunners eventually had to change their system because of his victory, according to a report.

#3. “I just won $75,000!”

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Leonard Cooper was mostly in the last spot for 2013 Teen Jeopardy!. However, he was able to turn his fortune around when he outsmarted the other contestants during a hard Daily Double question. Watch the video above and see for yourself!

#4. Amazing One-Letter Solve

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Caitlin Burke definitely left Wheel of Fortune with “a good feeling” after correctly guessing a 27-letter puzzle – when she only had one letter to work with.

#5. “I just wanted to let you know that I’m gonna win the million dollars.”

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Of course, we have to mention John Carpenter of the Who Wants To Be A Millionare? fame. In 1999, he made it all the way to the million-dollar question without using any of his lifelines. When he finally used one, he called his dad to tell him he really didn’t need his help.

#6. Jeopary! Genius

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Jeopardy! contestant Ken Jennings made history by staying on the game for 74 straight days before he got defeated. Obviously, he won lots and lots of money along the way.

#7. Put A Ring On It!

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Morgan Welge’s kept getting lucky during The Price Is Right but she probably didn’t expect this one – a proposal from her boyfriend Nick Parker.

#8. Daily Double Dude

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Roger Craig became popular on Jeopardy! not only for his intellect but for his amazing ability to find Daily Doubles. It may seem luck for most but actually, Craig is a computer scientist and he spent a lot of time studying patterns on the show.

In short, he’s one smart guy who cracked the system and walked away winning.

#9. He Really Wanted To Be A Millionaire!

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Ed Toutant was initially eliminated on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? but he came back, proving that the question was actually flawed. He got back on the game and ended up taking home $1.86 million.

#10. Cheating By Coughing

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Lastly, we have British army major Charles Ingram, a contestant on UK’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? who will forever be remembered but not in a good way.

Ingram actually won a million pounds during the show but it was eventually discovered he had two accomplices in the studio, one of which was Tecwen Whittock who was coughing in pattern to lead Ingram to the right answers.


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