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Man With Cystic Fibrosis Transforms Body And Places Fourth In Bodybuilding Competition

Jared’s story is inspiring on many levels.

A man is battling his way out of his illness and turning himself into a fitness idol in the process. Jared Wells from Utica, New York was born with cystic fibrosis (CF), a progressive and genetic disease that causes complications to the lungs and limits ability of a person to breathe properly.

At the age of 16, Jared’s health began to fail. Jared has always appeared thin, where one could already see his bones through his skin. However, the young man didn’t want to be a victim of his illness anymore and started to live the life that he always wanted.

He wrote on Instagram:

“I had given up on life. I refused to do any of my treatments and medicine and said ‘it’s time to end this fight.’ Or so I thought. Something inside me said f**k that! We’re not done here we have so much more to do.”

At 21, his health began to improve, and he was released from the hospital and was permitted to exercise. But the years of battling CF had taken a toll on his body. Jared was frail and had little muscle tone.

His best friend, Vinny Donnelly brought him to Body Alive. This gym is owned by Vinny’s father himself, Bob Donnelly. The father and son collaborated to come up with a fitness plan to help Jared bulk up and regain control of his frail body.

A few days after Jared started hitting the gym, Bob Donnelly posted an inspiring photo of Jared working his eight-inch biceps on Facebook. The picture quickly went viral, earning 75,000 reactions and over 19,000 shares.

He wrote:

“Before I hear any wise cracks. Jared has been fighting lung cancer, and we almost lost him. He was recently cleared to workout. Today his arm measured 8 1/4 inches and his legs just over 12″. and he’s at ZERO % body fat. I’m taking him under my wing. Stay tuned for Jared’s progress.”

Jared wrote:

“I’m gonna keep this short and simple. To those of you in the darkness right now. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like being stuck in your own head day after day. It’s exhausting, but please continue your fight! I promise it will get better. It may not get better today or the day after but if you keep fighting and keep pushing you will find something that makes it all worth it!”

Jared gained 45 pounds during an eight-month journey to become a bodybuilder. With Bob as his trainer, the 22-year-old competed in his first bodybuilding competition, where he placed in fourth.

Despite his growing success and popularity, Jared remains a humble and very grateful young man.


Family Builds ‘Blessing Bike’ For 92-Year-Old Who Loves Bicycle Rides

Such a sweet gift!

When Rosemary Sorce turned 92-years-old, her daughter Jill knew she deserved a meaningful celebration and a present to help her enjoy this season of life. So, Jill and her husband, Wade, created “The Blessing Bike.”

Rosemary has always loved going on bike rides but has found it more and more difficult – and increasingly dangerous – as she gets older. Now she can zoom around town again, thanks to her family.


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Little Boy Loses His Mind When Marine Brother Returns After 9 Months Deployment

We just can’t get enough of these sweet reunion moments!

It’s a recurrence now to capture in a video the moment of men and women from the military returning home after months, or even years, and reuniting with their family members. These clips are always filled with emotion and leave the viewer in tears, and this one is no exception.

A little boy had been living missing his older brother for the last nine months. Manuel Rubio went on tour with the United States Marine Corps, leaving his little brother missing their bond. So what’s the best way to make it up for the young boy? Surprise him, of course!


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Billionaire Uses $25 Million Yacht To Bring Supplies To Wildfire Victims

He worked with surfers and paddleboarders to ferry relief goods to the victims on the Malibu shore.

Sometimes tragedies can reveal the most unlikely heroes. A billionaire decided to do what he can to help fellow victims of the recent California wildfires. He loaded up his $25 million yacht with supplies and delivered the goods to affected areas in Malibu.

Howard Leight was also one of the many California residents who was affected by the wildfires. The co-owner of the Malibu Rocky Oaks winery actually worked to save his own property from the blaze. When the vineyard and his two homes were safe, the billionaire turned his attention to the other victims who were helpless against the tragedy.

The billionaire started the hashtag #malibuhope to help fellow wildfire victims.


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