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Man Proposes With 6 RINGS So Fiancée Can Choose Her Favorite

“I won at life with her, so she deserves 6 rings to choose from.”

Some wedding proposals can be romantic, strange, or adorable. However, one man certainly took an over-the-top approach. The model decided to propose to his girlfriend at a special event. Amazingly, he got down on one knee and presented his fiancée with six gorgeous rings.

Dennis Brown II decided that it was time to ask his girlfriend Atara Dallas to marry him. However, the male model didn’t settle for just a nice dinner at a restaurant to pop the question. Instead, he called on an event-planning company to help him on the special day. The proposal event came with a photographer, videographer, props designer, florist, makeup artist, hairdresser, drapery expert, and several assistants.

How’s this for a romantic wedding proposal?

The proposal took place at the Penthouse at Riverside Wharf in Miami, Florida. Brown had written a special letter for Dallas that was posted on a wall at the location.

“Today, on your special day I had the pleasure of putting a smile on your face all day. For there is no greater gift that I could think to give you.

“A woman, whose heart is full of love and devotion to me, a woman whose loyalty to all those she loves stands unmatched, a woman whose generosity and willingness to help others around her flourish knows no depths.”

Brown made sure that Dallas would get the engagement ring that she wanted. This is why he presented the future bride with a box filled with six beautiful rings. But which one won the heart of Brown’s fiancée?

Dallas chose the ring with the pear-shaped diamond.

It was an amazing event and the love between the couple was obvious. Brown’s proposal has since blown up all over the internet.

Several netizens were impressed by Brown’s expensive marriage proposal while others joked about his lack of socks. Nevertheless, everyone is happy for the couple and have high expectations for their wedding.


Vegans Want To You To Stop Saying ‘Bring Home The Bacon’ Because It’s Offensive

Because there’s more than one way to skin a cat, or rather, more than one way to peel a potato.

People probably don't think twice about using sayings like "bringing home the bacon" or "beating a dead horse." However, vegans want everyone to stop using these offensive phrases. Instead, they are promoting a more "animal-friendly language" around children.

The idea was introduced by Shareena Z. Hamzah, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Swansea University. She published her thoughts about how "meat is more than just a form of sustenance, it is the very king of all foods." According to Hamzah, meat is "a source of societal power" but the use of meat-based metaphors could change soon.

Vegans believe that 'letting a cat out of the bag' is also offensive.


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Guy Gets Note With Two Different Phone Numbers And The Internet Is Loving It

“This is the content I like to see all the time when I open Twitter!”

What would you do if you get a note from a secret admirer? It's certainly a thrilling surprise. However, one guy got a message that included two different phone numbers. What he did next has the internet rooting for him.

Twitter user @cocdycy found himself in an interesting situation. The young man was just hanging out when he was handed a note. The message came from two secret admirers who thought he was cute but were unsure about his sexual orientation. Nevertheless, they decided to give him both of their phone numbers.

Who wouldn't love to get a note like this?

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Fitness Blogger Promotes Natural Beauty By Not Shaving Her Legs And Armpits

“I think it’s unfair that people think they have to be in this cultural norm.”

Morgan Mikenas finds comfort in promoting something that most women may cringe at. The fitness blogger is inspiring people into embracing their natural beauty, and when she said "natural," she really meant it.

While many consider the “no makeup” look to be a promotion of natural beauty, Morgan took things a little further than that. She decided to stop shaving her body hair and revealed what it was like after three years of growth.


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