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Man In His 50s Shares Secret To Youthful Good Looks

Yes, that’s right. 50. Five zero.

Many people are scared of getting old as they connect it to being weak, ugly, and fat. Those who have this mindset probably do not know about Chuano Tan.

Tan, as you see, is a Singaporean photographer. His friends call him CD, and he’s been catching eyes all over the world. Why? Because he will make you wonder just what you’re doing wrong in life!

Photos that Tan shares on his personal Instagram account show a toned, fit, attractive man. He’d easily pass as 25-30 years old, but he is actually in his 50s.

The incredibly hot middle-aged man modeled during the 1980s and 1990s before becoming a photographer.

Tan’s social media is filled with images that laugh in the face of the aging process – with his chiseled abs and fresh-faced looks taking center stage. So what is his secret?

Tan’s secret to his youthful good looks is quite simple: he does what works for him and sticks to it.

The former model-turned-photographer starts his day with six hard-boiled eggs with only two yolks. He then drinks a glass of milk and adds avocados with berries at times as well. He eats grilled vegetables, chicken with rice, and fish soup. He drinks a lot of water and doesn’t drink coffee and tea.

Although his meals are always packed with healthy options, he does have a weakness for ice cream, and he allows himself to give in to his cravings. To get good sleep, he stops eating 5-6 hours before going to bed.

Tan works out three to four times a week and swims as much as he can. He said that his age-defying looks are a result of only doing what he loves to do.

It’s quite understandable that people assume he gets plastic surgery, but he revealed that he couldn’t even use some special cosmetics because he has very sensitive skin. He only uses gel face wash and moisturizer.

Lastly, Tan says he never bathes late at night — that’s because he tries to sleep as early as possible.

He said:

“Trust me, going bed early is worth it. Having had enough sleep, you’ll be able to do more things during the day rather than if you work at night.”


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