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Man Gets Lung Infection After Sniffing His Stinky Socks

Have you ever tried sniffing your own smelly socks?

One man in China has a bizarre habit of sniffing his smelly socks every day after work. Now, he has been diagnosed with a severe fungal infection in his lungs.

The man, known as Peng, was admitted to the Zhangzhou hospital in Fujian, China when he started to cough badly and experienced excruciating chest pains. An x-ray confirmed that he is suffering from a severe lung infection and he has been kept in for treatment.

Peng admitted to the doctor that he had an addiction to smelling the socks he had been wearing throughout the day. As he was changing into more comfortable clothing, he would take off his smelly socks and inhale the odor.

As a result, he caught an infection from a fungus that had developed in his footwear from his sweaty feet and spread to his lungs when he breathed in the bacteria.

Dr. Mai Zhuanying at the Zhangzhou No. 909 Hospital said:

“The infection could also be attributed to the patient’s lack of rest at home as he had looking after his child, leading to a weaker immune system.”

Peng was immediately treated for his infection and is expected to make a full recovery soon.

It has been confirmed that the infection was caused by the man’s frequent sniffing of his own socks.

People with a foot fetish have been known about for many years although fascination with socks is less well known.

However, after learning about the news, some netizens admitted that they were doing the same thing, proof that the odd habit is not that rare after all.

The hashtag “lung infection caused by sniffing of smelly socks” even became a trend after gathering nearly 65 million views on Weibo, a Twitter-like Chinese microblogging website. Some were alarmed with the result, promising to stop sniffing their smelly socks.

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‘Edible Anus’ Company Makes Chocolate Molds Of Your or a Loved One’s Butthole

Are you ready to give this to your special someone?

Are you running out of ideas in what to give your partner? Well, we currently live in a world where it is indeed possible to purchase fine chocolate molded in whatever shape you want — even a butthole.

There is an industry of items that exist for people who want to think outside of the box. More specifically, these products celebrate the kinkier side of these gift givers. While it seems a bit crazy and sounds like fake news, the edible anus is actually the real deal.


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First Wife Became Best Friends With Husband’s Other Wives

The story is becoming stranger by the minute.

There’s nothing scarier than a woman’s wrath when she finds out that her man is with another woman. There will only be a few wives (or girlfriends) that would not go after the other woman because most would do anything to stop the forbidden romance.

However, one wife in Thailand just doesn’t mind sharing her husband with others. In fact, she even became best friends with them. Strange, you say? Definitely. But it’s exactly what's happening in Waraphon Pruksawan’s household.


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California Teacher Arrested After Forcibly Cutting Student’s Hair

She was singing the national anthem and could face three years in jail for the incident.

This is probably not what these teenagers expected in chemistry class. A high school teacher was arrested in California after forcibly cutting her student's hair. Strangely, she was singing the national anthem during the incident.

The incident took place at the University Preparatory High School in Visalia, California where Margaret Gieszinger called a male student to the front of the class. Once the teenager sat down on the chair she prepared, the teacher began chopping off chunks of his hair. As she did so, she sang the national anthem while throwing the hair behind her. Gieszinger was "removed" from the classroom and arrested after another student posted a video of the incident on Reddit.

He might be smiling but that young man is terrified of his teacher.


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