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Man Gets Fired Thinking They Don’t Need Him Anymore and Gets the Most Epic Revenge Ever

He got the last laugh.

It’s only sensible to fire an employee for not doing his job. But have you ever heard of someone getting the boot because he did his job SO well? This is the case of Imgur user TotallyNota30YearOldWhiteDude, who was fired from his job but was able to get the most epic revenge possible on his old company.

More than a year ago, he was hired as director of web development by a small agency that had a toxic working environment and horrible employee turnover. His job was to fix all of that.

They made him work so hard he was actually hospitalized for exhaustion. Who wouldn’t be after working 60 hours a week? He had to take two days off to recover and when he came back, he was given a hard time because his team was two days behind schedule.

Six months into the job, he took a much-needed and well-deserved vacation. Before doing so, he prepared his team to cope well during absence. It was a necessary thing for him to do since his vacation spot had little to zero connectivity.

Things went really well despite his absence, so much that management decided that they really don’t need him at all. Three days after he returned from vacation, he was fired.

It was a very unfortunate situation for him. Not only because he lost his job but because he has a special needs child. So he built his own business and worked as a contractor for other companies.

He related his story in a series of memes.



It worked out well for him because the job was giving him so much stress in the first place. He was also able to spend more time with his family.

But the best has yet to come.

One of the members of his old team contacted him and he learned that a lot of his former people are leaving the company.


All he built during his time there was crashing down. This resulted to the company’s president calling him and asking him to come back.


Naturally, he said no. The president then asked if he was willing to help them as a contractor. He gave them his contractor rates, which he marked up really well because at this point, the company needed him and not the other way around.


The company agreed. Now in a spectacular turn of events, he was telling his old company the same stuff he had been telling them to do when he was still their employee…and charging them double for his services.

Of course, other Imgur users were very happy with his story.

In the end, he had the last laugh after all.

“I am now running my own small business, doing business consulting and web development. Actually get to do what I have always wanted, and help people and companies. This is the best mental state I have been in in years, ADHD is actually being beneficial, work from home full time so sensory processing disorder is in check, and I’m actually excited and optimistic for the future for the first time in a long time!”

“People can be idiots, but keep your head up and always look for ways to help others. You may get burned, but you will be able to actually hold your head high knowing you are doing your best to help people.”


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