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Man Builds $500,000 Mansion For Dog Who Gave Him Unconditional Love

“Before I had Sylar, I had nothing to live for … he gave me a purpose.”

This story may sound extravagant, but it’s certainly not about some rich kid not knowing what to do with his millions. In fact, Zhou Tianxiao grew up very poor but he eventually was able to build a $500,000 mansion for his Border Collie.

Tianxiao met his dog Sylar during the time he needed a friend the most. He regained the love he lost in his childhood and achieved incredible success after his beloved pet became a part of his life.

Tianxiao’s parents divorced when he was a young boy and left him to be raised by his grandmother. He felt life was very unfair and became extremely rebellious.

He dropped out of school at 15 and spent most of his time playing video games in internet cafes. His life was going nowhere.

Those games didn’t make Tianxiao happy and he was looking for someone to call his friend. Someone then told the 31-year-old have a dog four years ago, and he adopted Sylar. He shared that when he locked eyes with the dog, “It was love at first sight.”

He said:

“I heard that dogs were loyal. No matter how poor their owners were, they will still be with them. That’s why I decided to have a dog … Sylar changed my life, so I will give it back everything I have.”

Like so many dog owners, Tianxiao scoured YouTube videos and taught Sylar some tricks. He used his phone to shoot the videos then uploaded them a Chinese video-sharing site. His videos were earning millions of views, and Sylar was gaining fans across China.

Tianxiao then opened a store in Taobao, a Chinese online shopping website, selling dog food and toys. This endeavor helped Tianxiao financially.

And as a return gift, he built a “pet paradise” in Beijing’s Shunyi district, which serves as the home for his border collie. The luxury residence comes with beautiful air-conditioned rooms, a heated pool, a trampoline, a spa, and a spacious lawn.

Tianxiao said:

“Before I had Sylar, I had nothing to live for … he gave me a purpose.”

Watch the video here:

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20 Wholesome Pics To Remind You That The World Is Not A Terrible Place After All

Who’s cutting onions?

With all the negativity out there, it’s not hard to see why people believe that the world is such a terrible place to live in. Some even use social media to share bad news, complain about certain things and argue with other people.

However, the internet is not all bad. In fact, a lot of netizens also use popular social media platforms to spread love, inspiration, and positivity. Here are 20 wholesome pics that will remind you that the world is not a terrible place after all.

1. “If I Didn't Get Him, Nobody Else Would.”


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Montreal Man Gives Away Farm-Fresh Vegetables Every Week

“People respond well to the idea. That’s one of the things that is rewarding to me.”

Who doesn't like free things? A Montreal man has been giving out fresh vegetables straight from the farm along Lachine Canal. Interestingly, he refuses to take any payment because he is promoting "a culture of sharing."

Ben Williams has been bringing farm-fresh vegetables and giving them away to his neighbors in Montreal's Southwest borough. He works on a farm and gets the veggies in place of a salary. Since he can only consume so much, he decided to give the excess away to anyone who needs them. Not surprisingly, several people are beginning to take notice of his cardboard signs proclaiming "The Shareocracy of the Future."

Who could resist these fresh veggies?


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Brothers Surprise Bride With Father-Daughter Dance That Brings Her To Tears

It was a touching tribute to the man who raised them to be truly wonderful people.

Growing up with brothers can be quite annoying. However, five men proved that they will always treat their sister like a true princess. They decided to surprise the young bride on her wedding day by giving her a wonderful father-daughter dance that brought her to tears.

Kaley West Young was a true Daddy's girl. She was very close to her father David Jean West. Unfortunately, David passed away in 2015 due to heart disease. Kaley was truly heartbroken that her dad couldn't be with her on her wedding day. However, the bride didn't know that her brothers had a truly amazing surprise for her.

These amazing brothers made sure their father was part of his daughter's wedding day.


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