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Man And His Rescued Kitten Become The Face Of Hurricane Florence

Not surprisingly, the kitten’s name is Survivor.

There is little doubt that Hurricane Florence is one of the worst natural disasters in modern history. However, the storm also brought out some truly unexpected heroes. A man and his rescued kitten made headlines when they were photographed taking a boat to safety in North Carolina. Not surprisingly, the two have become the hopeful faces of Hurricane Florence.

Robert Simmons Jr. is a resident of Bern, North Carolina. When Hurricane Florence hit, he initially wanted to stay at his house. However, he quickly reconsidered the idea when the waters started to reach waist-level. Simmons was one of the people who was rescued from Bern via boat. Interestingly, he also rescued a poor little kitten before leaving his home.

The photo of Simmons and his kitten perfectly captures the heartbreak caused by Hurricane Florence.

The image of Simmons and his kitten, who has been named Survivor, was posted by Andrew Carter of The Charlotte Observer. The tweet has earned almost 40,000 likes and has been retweeted almost 12,000 times.

In a video showing how people were rescued from Bern, Simmons admitted that Hurricane Florence is the worst he has experienced so far.

“We have been through Bertha, Fran, Irene, Matthew. Man, this is the worst it’s ever been in this part right here,” he said.

Simmons couldn’t help but worry about his family still hiding out in their house.

Simmons also revealed that his loved ones have refused to leave their house. His father chose to stay at home but Simmons himself “got fed up.”

The tiny kitten is also remarkably calm for a feral creature. Simmons revealed that he had tried to save Survivor’s mother but she wouldn’t come near him. Nevertheless, he is glad that little Survivor chose to go with him to safety.

Simmons and Survivor might be the sad faces of Hurricane Florence, but they are not the only ones affected by the disaster. There are hundreds who have lost their homes and are still hoping to get help after the hurricane’s devastating effects.


Man Removed From Donald Trump Rally For Making Hilarious Faces

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they wear plaid.

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. One young man proved that when he made hilarious faces at a recent Donald Trump rally. Although he was immediately removed from his spot right behind the president, "Plaid Shirt Guy" has been declared a hero on social media.

Donald Trump took the stage during the rally in Billings, Montana to address several issues. The president addressed his meetings with South Korea's Kim Jung-un and beating Hillary Clinton. Through it all, one man stood and reacted humorously to Trump's declarations.

Meet Plaid Shirt Guy, the man who was told to leave a Donald Trump rally.


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Typhoon Jebi Causes Another Devastation In Japan

A proof of how ravaging the wrath of nature can be!


Japan, one of the model countries in terms of disaster preparedness, was struck by Typhoon Jebi on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. It was the strongest typhoon to hit the country in 25 years.

It just shows that when nature unleashes its wrath, not even the most prepared nation can prevent it. Typhoon Jebi caused seven casualties and left 200 people injured. Around 300,000 people were also evacuated.

Typhoon Jebi left a trail of destruction in Western Japan.


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Stunned Tourists Watched In Horror When 50 Migrants Storm Spain’s Barrosa Beach

It was a horrifying scene just like in the movies.


Beachgoers who were sunbathing and swimming in the sea at around 3:30 on a lazy Sunday afternoon in Barrosa Beach of Costa de la Luz watched in astonishment as 50 Moroccans scampered up to the hills of Costa de la Luz in Southern Spain. Among them were 10 children.

Before the incident, the semi-inflatable boat carrying these people was seen near the Barrosa Beach. According to one witness, they never thought that the boat would come near the seashore.

When they saw that the boat speed up to the direction of the cliffs, it instantly alerted them.


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